Driving Rural Customer Acquisition

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The consumers in rural communities will be even more important in the future than they are today, as their numbers are growing and there’s increased competition to reach them. Have you identified who they are and what they value, as it pertains to your brand? Watch our quick video with key insights about this audience.

A growing segment of the population, consumers in rural communities represent over 40% of the spending power in America. This lucrative audience has different values and engages with media differently than their urban counterparts, which requires different marketing strategies.

What Makes Rural Consumers Different?

Values & Lifestyle

Roughly 20% of the country’s population, rural consumers have different values and habits than urban consumers.  Because they often live farther away from shopping and other daily resources, these consumers plan appointments, shopping, and other daily errands in advance to consolidate trips and save money on gas.

More Price & Value Conscious

Rural consumers are 5% more likely than urban consumers to decrease their overall spending as prices rise, and they are also more likely to defer purchases such as dining out, apparel, entertainment, home improvement, and vehicles. They are also 21% more likely to use coupons than urban residents.

Media Habits

Advertising strategies that are effective for urban consumers may fall flat with consumers in rural communities. There are also fewer media options available to reach this important audience due to continuing newspaper decline and lack of broadband accessibility in rural areas.

ENGAGE WITH Rural Consumers

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