Jamie Adams
Chief Information Officer

Responsibilities – Jamie is Chief Information Officer for Mspark. In this leadership role, her primary responsibility is to create business value through technology. Strategic planning and directing programs to ensure technology systems are in alignment with business goals are just a few of the many ways Jamie’s leadership steers Mspark towards success.

Background – Jamie joined us in October of 2016 as Chief Information Officer. She has over 15 years of experience developing and implementing strategies and programs to transform IT from merely a support function to a business partner. Jamie does this by creating business value, navigating business change, optimizing IT investments, transforming IT capabilities, and delivering technology with confidence to protect the business and minimize disruption impact.

Education – MBA from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia in Athens.


In Her Words

“When I meet people who want to know about what I do for a living, they sometimes have an idea that a CIO is someone who leads a department responsible for supporting the operations of a company – an executive over a group of professionals who are busy resetting passwords, installing software etc. While our group certainly handles many of those things, our primary focus is to deliver on the promise of technology – to make life a little easier, to make us all more efficient, and solve tough problems. It helps us adapt in an ever-changing world. The direct mail industry is currently undergoing a significant change where digital media is influencing the way marketing campaigns, including direct mail marketing campaigns, are handled. This means that as a company, Mspark must stand apart as innovators in this industry using quality data and analytics, as well as implementing the best possible technology solutions to better address the growing needs of our clients.”

Outside Mspark

Jamie is adventurous and has a passion for trying new things. At the beginning of every year, she establishes goals for herself and strives to accomplish those goals by year-end. Over the past year, she has traveled to two new countries, skied on Aspen Mountain, and learned the sport of cycling. She is also an avid runner, because she says running has a wonderful way of clearing her head after a busy day.