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A Make-or-Break Opportunity for E-commerce Marketers to Gain Market Share

  As America moves to a new normal, consumers are ready to spend, and the pent-up demand creates opportunities for customer acquisition and growth for e-commerce brands and marketers. In fact, the National Retail Federation projects retail sales will grow between 10.5% and 13.5% in 2021 as economic recovery accelerates. This presents a make-or-break opportunity […]
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4 Things Restaurant Marketers Need to Know Now

As restaurants reopen to a new normal across America, the surge of the Delta variant has led some states to reinstate restrictions. Even though progress has slowed recently, it’s important to implement strategies now for when we move past this temporary slowdown.  We have already seen in recent months the release of pent-up demand as […]
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The Holiday Season Starts Now: 4 Things Retailers Need to Know to Win

Seventy-one percent of consumers now feel comfortable shopping in stores, according to the latest study by the National Retail Federation. This return to stores along with other favorable retail trends predict an impressive recovery in the space, giving retailers every reason to be optimistic as they plan for the holiday season: Retail sales will grow […]
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