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National Pizza Chain


A national pizza chain customer wanted to enhance their current print program by combining loyalty and acquisition messaging in the same mailing to save money and increase return on investment. They were also looking to increase year-over-year sales and drive more customers to their stores.

Our Approach

  • Targeted full ZIP codes within delivery area around each location
  • Created multiple consumer segments:
    • Current Customers & Loyal Customers based on online ordering frequency
    • New Customers
    • Potential Customers
  • Varied messages with different offers to each group utilizing the Variable Messaging Impact Postcard
  • Established a mailing frequency to maintain customer attention and stay top-of-mind

The Results


Sales increase compared to the previous month


Sales increase compared to the previous year's same promotional period

Pizza Hut Franchise


A Pizza Hut franchise was seeking cost-effective ways to find out more about his customers and how to best market to them to increase sales and traffic among existing customers and new customers.

Our Approach

  • Performed penetration analysis utilizing client-provided customer data​
  • Analyzed the trade area where majority of customers were located​
  • Identified key areas of opportunity using predictive data geared toward Pizza Hut​
  • Scored trade area geography to determine the best households​
  • Created an actionable mailing solution to reach new and existing customers​ utilizing the Impact Postcard

The Results


ROI achieved with first mailing


ROI achieved with second mailing

Pizza Restaurant


Objective: Increase Monthly ROI & Average Ticket Sales

Our Approach

  • Utilized a Targeted Insert to reach 40,000 households at the ZIP code level with strong offers:
    • $5.99 all you can eat Sunday buffet
    • $16 pizza and wings
    • $5.99 2 medium/2 topping pizzas
    • $10.99 large/1 topping/stuffed crust
    • $10 dinner box

The Results


Coupons were redeemed in one week, in-store and online


Redemption rate over a three-week period

Regional Pizza Chain


A regional pizza chain was looking to target households and drive traffic to their locations in a campaign spanning across four months.

Our Approach

  • Identified the client’s key geography to build out both direct mail and digital components of the campaign utilizing Targeted Inserts + Addressable Geofencing (AGF) Digital Display
  • For digital, we targeted the full direct mail list with about a 99% match rate
  • The direct mail pieces dropped at the end of each campaign month. Digital ads targeting the same households deployed over the course of the campaign, starting 1-2 days before the direct mail piece hit the mailbox.
  • Campaign results were tracked by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution at all locations.

The Results


Million Impressions


CTR, 2x greater than the industry average


Website visits and 15k foot traffic conversions

National Pizza Chain


A national pizza chain location was looking to combat significant sales decreases that occurred after a competitor opened a new location in the same trade area.

Our Approach

  • Utilized Impact Postcard to create ads with high visibility​
  • Addressed postcards to consumer name to provide a personalized experience​
  • Targeted pizza consumers in immediate trade area ​

The Results


Sales increase after experiencing a 6% decrease before the postcard was utilized


Total improvement in sales

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Sources: 2020 AudienceSCAN®, Millward Brown Print Campaign Analysis, Simplifi

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