Treat Your Customers to a Deal This Halloween

Don’t you just love Halloween? At Mspark, we certainly do – and we share this in common with people living in rural parts of the US. In researching the rural consumer and how they shop during the Halloween season, we discovered a few things that make them stand out a bit more from their urban counterparts. These differences are important for retailers are looking to generate more foot traffic to their stores…or even drive more traffic to their websites.
In the spirit of the season, we decided to get creative and share a sampling of this intel through rhyme. Here it goes…The air is less warm, the leaves are less green, and rural residents everywhere are getting ready for Halloween.
Witches with broomsticks and creepy black cats, pumpkins on porches and plastic black bats.
Halloween in the country is a sight to behold, and retailers will want to know how to reach a rural household.
Mailing to rural geographies is a great call indeed, but knowing the rural consumer is the key to succeed.
Did you know over 70% plan to celebrate Halloween? And 72% plan to pass out bubble gum, candy bars, and all in between?
Out in the country there are fewer parties with costumes and such. They don’t often party and stay out late quite as much.
You’re more likely to see them walk their kids down the street, knocking on doors and yelling “trick or treat” – for a treat.
So, candy and pumpkins and décor are what they’ll buy, but as a retailer how can you capture their eye?
Well they love a great deal, discounts, coupons and more…and direct mail can certainly drive traffic to your store.
Candy shoppers are known to crave a sweet deal, so mailing them coupons would definitely be ideal.
If you’re thinking of timing, the time to mail is right now.
So, hurry and give us a call today and we’ll walk you through how.