How to Attract Toy and Hobby Shop Customers

The first tip is staying ‘top of mind’, by letting people know you are in the neighborhood and have great items to offer at amazing prices. How do you make potential customers aware of your business? For toy and hobby retailers, direct mail should be on their radar. 65% of new hobby seekers said an ad/coupon in their mailbox led them to take action over the last 12 months[1]. And 89% of millennials use paper coupons they find in their mailbox[2].

Rural Consumers Are a Great Target Market for Toy and Hobby Shops

The hobby and toy retail industry in the United States report $20 billon, annually, in revenue and number approximately 18,200 businesses[2]. In rural America, the types of toys and hobbies vary greatly among age groups. For younger generations of men, card games and board games are very popular. But for men in all age groups, there is one hobby they all seem to enjoy. Compared to all adults, 18 and up, over the last 12 months, rural men are 115% more likely to collect die-cast/miniature cars[4]. Brands like Hot Wheels and Jada Toys are popular. Cars like the Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 Elite 1/18 in matte black and trucks, like the Jada Toys Ford F150 SVT Raptor (in red) are all very popular[4].
For women in rural America, hobby shops are a go-to place for toys and games. Compared to adults 18+, these ladies are 24% more likely to have bought toys and games in the last 12 months. They are 25% more likely to have bought board games which would explain why they are 15% more likely to have played board games in the last 12 months. They enjoy bingo and are 53% more likely to have played it, and they also enjoy word games and are 57% more likely to have played those in the last 12 months as well[4].

Combine Direct Mail with Digital Advertising to Achieve Maximum ROI

This is not a debate over which type of media should be used over the other. When used together, direct mail and digital media can be very powerful.
76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of BOTH print and digital communication. Campaigns combining printed direct mail pieces with internet advertising yield up to a 25% higher response rate than using internet alone[5].
The message here is that rural residents are a great audience for toy and hobby shops to reach…and reaching them need not be complicated. Our direct marketing experts can help you develop a marketing plan that fuses both print and digital to appeal to this group, with emphasis on great deals that save them money.
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