Top 15 Facts Every Dental Marketer Should Know as Practices Re-open

Dentists stay busy with hectic daily schedules that can change in the blink of an eye as they respond to patient needs. Along with the day-to-day operations, reaching new patients and retaining current patients are key to any successful dental practice. Today, dentists face even more challenges in reopening after COVID-19 with new office procedures and patient protocols to establish and communicate to current as well as new patients.
As of mid-May 2020, most of the country’s dental offices were able to reopen, with only 10 states and Washington, D.C., still limiting dental services to emergency cases. To help dental marketers make informed decisions around their marketing strategy as they reopen, we have compiled a list of current trends about the dental industry. Read on and download the infographic to help you drive success for your dental practice.

It Starts with Targeting the Correct Marketplace

Did you know 64% of adults 18-64 visited a dentist? By using direct mail and targeting, dentists can pinpoint specific demographics based on the patients a dental practice is trying to acquire. For example, as a dentist practice, this tells you that there is a great opportunity to target and advertise to the other 35% of adults in the 18 – 64 age group. Understanding the marketplace helps you determine opportunities to target.
1 – 23% of US adults plan to pay for dental fillings, crowns, bridges or root canals within the next year
2 – 85% of children aged 2-17 visited a dentist
3 – 64% of adults 18-64 visited a dentist
4 – 66% of adults 65+ visited a dentist
Let’s Talk About Industry Landscape
Most practices are standalone and smaller practices, but a significant number of practices are becoming larger organizations, likely with larger marketing budgets and dedicated marketing efforts. This means staying top-of-mind with patients in a competitive landscape is going to remain a priority for all dental practices.
5 – 61% of dental practices in the US are solo practices
6 – 36% of dental practices in the US are Non-Dental Support Organization (DSO) affiliated group practices
7 – 3% of dental practices in the US belong to a DSO

How Dental Practices Acquire New Patients

Sorting through all the options to market your dental practice to new patients can be overwhelming. And how much should you be spending? Here are some insights to help with your new patient acquisition plan.

8 – 5% of the annual budget should be dedicated to print marketing

9 – 12% of US adults plan to switch dentists within the next year

10 – 52% of dentists use print marketing

Patient Retention is Key

While acquiring new patients is important, making sure you retain current patients can’t be overlooked. One way to retain patients is by offering alternatives to insurance. The two stats below speak to how dental practices are using this method to retain their patients.

11 – 66% of dental practices offer alternatives such as, fee-for-service plans, dental discount plans, patient membership plans

12 – Patients with these plans visit the dentist 2 to 3 times more frequently than uninsured patients and purchase twice the amount of treatment

Advertising with Direct Mail Works for Dentists

A key component of an effective marketing plan to attract new patients and retain current patients is choosing a reliable advertising medium that drives results. Did you know that direct mail is the highest-rated channel for response with dental patients?

13 – 38% responded to an ad in their mailbox in the last 30 days

14 – 63% responded to an ad in their mailbox in the last 12 months

15 – 38% say the mailbox is the best way to find promotions

Create a Well-Informed Marketing Strategy

We hope these stats were insightful and inspire you to develop a well-informed marketing strategy that drives success. Download our infographic to keep these helpful facts right at your fingertips.