Audit Your Marketing Strategy for the 2021 Tax Season

It’s time to start thinking about your strategy for retaining existing and acquiring new tax preparation clients! Rest assured, tax filers are already thinking about it!

  • 58% of consumers will file in February or earlier.1
  • 74% of millennial respondents said they feel some level of stress around filing their tax returns. 2

Mspark can help you plan and execute a powerful advertising program by identifying the:

  • Right Audience: Locate the customers more likely to do business with you by utilizing our in-house analytics department.
  • Right Message: Craft a message that gets consumers to take action based on our knowledge of what drives response.
  • Right Time: Build an effective marketing plan for your business by being in the mailbox during peak filing for tax season.

Tax filers respond to coupons and offers they receive in the mail!
65% of tax filers responded to an ad/coupon in their mailbox in the last 12 months3, highest among all media channels.

Promotional Media
Ads/Coupons in the Mailbox
Paid Search
% of tax filers who responded in the past 12 months

Mspark Product Solutions
Our team will work with you to choose the best solution to fit your campaign goals and budget. Mspark can help you:

  • Drive new customers to your physical location or website
  • Educate consumers of new products or initiatives this upcoming tax season
  • Bolster your online presence and e-filings
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers by establishing brand loyalty

Download our infographic for more information on our product solutions that can meet your needs, as well as a success story of how a tax prep firm like yours benefitted from integrating shared direct mail into their marketing strategy. Reach out today to plan your strategy for a successful 2021 tax season!
Sources: 1. NRF’s 2020 Tax Return Study, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics; 2. New Survey Finds Majority of Millennials Stress Over Filing Taxes. H&R Block. 22 Jan. 2018. Web. 15 Aug. 2018; 3. 2020 AudienceSCAN®