Pizza Marketing Part 2 – Creating the “Special Sauce” for Pizza Marketing Success

In the first post in our pizza marketing blog series we focused on printed direct mail advertising as the foundation of your marketing plan—the “crust” that builds your marketing pizza. In this second installment of our pizza marketing series, we explore in more detail how a multi-channel marketing approach that integrates print and digital tactics is the “special sauce” for success in your pizza marketing strategy.  

In an uncertain marketplace, keeping consumers engaged can be a pizza marketer’s biggest challenge. It’s imperative to keep your brand in front of consumers consistently and to utilize a marketing strategy that drives customer acquisition while also retaining existing customers. That’s where we can help. We partner with pizza brands across the U.S. to develop effective multi-channel advertising campaigns to engage consumers and increase sales.  

Promote awareness of your pizza restaurant and highlight your menu offerings while engaging your best potential customers with a multi-channel marketing approach. 

  • When print is paired with digital media, advertisers see as much as a 30% increase in response. 
  • Along with the 65% of pizza lovers who have responded to an ad or coupon in the mailbox in the past 12 months, 56% have responded to a digital ad. 
  • 67% of Millennials frequently and occasionally use marketing mail as a prompt to go online. 
  • Print and digital media drive 69% of purchase influence.
  • Consumers say that when they see an ad both in print and digital media, they are more likely to remember the message (52%) and notice the ad (52%). 
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad offline and online. 

Regional Pizza Chain Case Study: See how an integrated approach drives traffic online and in store 

Look for our next post that will show how you can defend and increase your market share with messages that appeal to budget-conscious consumers and keep diners engaged to build loyalty. Want to see more right away? Download our infographic for a sneak peak. 

Our goal is to inform your marketing strategy to drive success. If you’d like to talk through your approach and how your pizza brand could benefit from partnering with Mspark, reach out today. For pizza insights, trends, and case studies, visit our resource page.  

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