Rural Consumers Demand Value After 2 Years of Rising Prices

After two years of rising inflation causing price increases in key household essential categories including grocery, restaurant, home utilities, and gasoline, rural consumers demand for savings and value continues.

The graphic below is just a sample of actual inquiries received through during 2023 from rural consumers requesting offers and deals to save money.

In response to rising prices, rural and urban consumers alike are buying more store brands, shopping sales more often and using more coupons.1

Coupons remain a top influencer of both rural and urban consumer purchase decisions across multiple product categories:

According to Vericast’s 2023 Trendwatch Report, 66% of consumers surveyed said coupons are more important than ever. Helping them save money was the No. 1 message they wanted to receive from advertisers.

Did you know?

Consumers are more likely to engage with offers:

  • 78% will open/read a single offer or promotion.2
  • 77% will open/read multiple offers or promotions.2

Target Your Highest-Value Potential Customers with Personalized Offers

Mspark’s targeting capabilities enable you to identify your most likely, highest-potential customers and target them down to the household level with personalized offers and coupons based on their shopping and purchasing behavior. See how it works in our targeting video.

Our team pulls data from a wide range of sources and then translates that data into easy-to-understand information that reveals the best audience for your message. We bring together as many types of data as possible to create an insightful view of your customers.

We use a mix of predictive data and client data to create your optimal mailing profile:

  • Census data
  • Consumer Expenditures
  • Behavioral data
  • Lifestyle segmentation
  • Geographic mapping & profiling
  • Life event data
  • Client-provided data

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Sources: Prosper Insights & Analytics1; LOB State of Direct Mail report2