Refresh Your Urgent Care Marketing to Elevate Brand Awareness & Drive New Patients During Cold & Flu Season

While no one looks forward to the start of cold and flu season, it represents an urgent care marketing opportunity for clinics to increase awareness and grow their business.

When flu symptoms start, many patients need care fast, often outside of their general practitioner’s office hours. Consumers cite fast availability and low cost of care as the top benefits of visiting urgent care centers:

  • 60% appreciate that there’s no need to schedule an appointment ahead of time1.
  • 55% like the short wait times1.
  • 49% prefer the convenience for treating minor illnesses or injuries.1

Healthcare costs are increasingly important to consumers. Urgent care medical centers can differentiate themselves and boost loyalty by being transparent with pricing2.

Approximately 80% of the US population is within a 10-minute drive of an urgent care center3. A marketing strategy that targets your highest-value audience effectively with timely, relevant messaging can gain new patients.

Patients Respond to Urgent Care Marketing Across a Variety of Channels

In the past 12 months, urgent care patients have responded to a variety of both print and digital ads4.

Connect and Engage with Your Audience

Did you know?

  • Most consumers check their mail daily; 77% at the first opportunity5.
  • 64% of consumers say direct mail has inspired them to take action. 5
  • 60% of consumers are driven to online activity after receiving direct mail6.
  • The average consumer spends 7 HOURS per day on internet connected screens7.
  • 62% of consumers are influenced by mailbox-delivered print and digital channels when making purchases8.

Consumers across generations place a high value on receiving direct mail:

Urgent Care Marketing That Targets Your Ideal Patients

Cost-effectively target your ideal patient using predictive data. Our data resources and tools provide valuable consumer intelligence as well a much more insightful view of the ideal customer, allowing us to create complete and accurate mailing profiles that maximize your advertising dollars with no wasted ad spend.

Resources include:

  • Consumer-Based Predictive Intelligence/consumer intent data
  • Industry expertise and data insights, omni-channel marketing trends
  • prospecting tools and business intelligence
  • U.S. Government data from Bureau of Labor & Statistics as well as U.S. Census data
  • Geographic level targeting, location intelligence and mapping
  • Consumer demographic, psychographic, brand preference, and media data

Our behavioral data resources allow us to digitally target your potential urgent care patients at the household level based on their online and offline activity.

Learn more about audience targeting through data here.

Reach New Movers Ahead of Competitors

Target new movers to your target market and reach them ahead of competitors with Quick Connect, our trigger marketing program.

  • Reach potential customers as much as 6 days sooner than your competitors.
  • Mspark’s solution provides the most value for your advertising spend, with up to 15% more records in our data versus other data, and it is virtually 100% accurate with 18+ sources updated daily.
  • Personalize your messages in meaningful ways to meet your target audience’s needs.

Learn more about trigger marketing with Quick Connect here.

See how a regional medical provider acquired new patients using direct mail and digital advertising solutions in our case study. Reach out today to plan your strategy.

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Case Study