Pizza Marketing Part 3 – A Recipe for Engaging Consumers and Building Loyalty 


In the first two installments of our pizza marketing blog series, we focused on printed direct mail as the foundation of your marketing plan – the “crust” that builds your marketing pizza. Next, we explored how a multi-channel marketing approach that integrates print and digital tactics is the “special sauce” for success in your pizza marketing strategy 

Now we will focus on the recipe for engaging value-oriented consumers, and how a strong loyalty program can keep them engaged and drive repeat business for your brand. 

The instability and unknown of the pandemic caused many Americans to reevaluate their budgeting and spending. In fact, according to consumer research by Valassis, 45% of consumers are using coupons, discounts, or offers at least half the time when ordering from restaurants. 

How can your pizza brand engage and attract these value-seeking customers? Now more than ever, brands need to show consumers they can offer them the most value for their dollars. Focusing on value means assuring customers that your menu offerings will give them a good “bang for their buck.” Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • Highlight any key differentiators that make your menu offerings a preferred choice. 
  • Shift your message to focus on value. Incorporate messaging such as “best value,” “everyday value” or “value menu.” 
  • Consider utilizing coupons or limited-time offers to drive traffic online, in app or in-store. 

Targeting the best markets around your location and utilizing the power of frequency is a proven strategy to gain market share and blunt competitors. Keep your brand top-of-mind by placing it in your customer or prospect’s mailbox to reinforce your brand and blunt competitors. Then extend your reach and response with digital ads targeted to the same households on their smartphones and other electronic devices through our integrated Boost solution. 

A strong loyalty program can effectively engage consumers, driving repeat orders or visits to your pizza restaurant. Keep diners engaged with special offers targeted to them based on their purchase history with your restaurant. 

  • 75% of U.S. consumers have tried different stores, websites or brands during COVID-19; 60% of these expect to continue to integrate these new brands after COVID-19. 
  • The share of consumers using restaurant loyalty programs increased 12% between January and April 2020.  
  • Nearly 60% of consumers who already use at least one loyalty program said they would spend more on food orders from other restaurants if they, too, had a loyalty program in place.  

Pizza Case Study: See how a national pizza brand combined loyalty and acquisition messaging in the same mailing to save money and increase ROI.

We hope this 3-part pizza marketing series has inspired you to spice up your pizza marketing approach. Our goal is to inform your marketing strategy to drive success. Download our infographic for the complete recipe to create your pizza advertising campaigns.  

If you’d like to talk through your approach and how your pizza brand could benefit from partnering with Mspark, reach out today.  For more pizza insights, trends, and case studies, visit our resource page.  

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