Mover Marketing Should Be a Key Component of Your Pet Store Marketing Strategy

Learn why mover marketing is an important component of your pet store marketing strategy in our blog post.

A key time pet parents consider switching pet supply stores is before and during a move. In fact, 40% of movers plan to find a new pet supply store. Is mover marketing part of your pet store marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing out on acquiring new customers who move into your trade area.

Not Just Another Mover Program

All mover marketing programs are not created equal. Mspark’s program helps you reach more movers ahead of competitors in three key ways:

1)Speed: Reach movers in as little as 4-5 days, nearly a week faster than other mover programs. Speed is important in reaching new movers—27% of movers select their pet supply provider before they move, while 41% choose their provider within the first 30 days of a move.

2)Identification: Reach up to 70% more new movers utilizing multiple, timely data sources. Because only 30% of movers complete a National Change of Address form (NCOA) and often complete it after a move has taken place, mover programs that rely on NCOA data can miss up to 70% of new movers. Utility, phone and cable connects offer a higher quality data source as these are standard services established by movers and some of the first steps completed after purchasing a home.


3)Engagement: 70% of potential pet supply prospects were influenced by the ads or offers they received in their mailbox. In the small markets and rural communities Mspark serves, pet supply shoppers look to ads or coupons in the mailbox first when making purchase decisions.

Drive Consumers to Action with Direct Mail and Digital Touch Points

  • 92% of consumers are driven to online activity after receiving direct mail.
  • Direct mail combined with digital advertising boosts response rates by up to 118%.
  • Receiving an ad in print and online increases the likelihood of consumers of all ages making a purchase: 50% for millennials, 47% for gen-x, and 32% for baby boomers.

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