Mspark is Featured in the October 2014 Issue of Target Marketing Magazine: “Not All Print Media is Created Equal”

Oct. 1, 2014 – FOR MORE THAN 25 years, Mspark has been delivering value to the mailboxes of rural American consumers. Our direct mail advertising delivers the ROI that national and local small businesses depend on to drive traffic and generate sales for their companies. We use our experience and knowledge to craft unique solutions for each of our more than 3,000 clients… one at a time. Even in today’s automated world, we believe in providing true custom solutions because the results are worth our effort. We are not a newspaper; We are not an FSI program; We are not postcards; We are different.
Ours is a unique media channel that continues to grow in reach and results. We use modeling and analytics to target the right offer to the right audience at the right time. By integrating print with other media channels, we help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
As marketers, we all search for predictable, recurring revenue streams. We need something we can count on to build campaigns that generate sales for our companies. Something that, once found, will allow us to grow our business at a scalable rate and produce maximum ROI. In trying to achieve this goal, have you ever struggled to overcome the following issues?
I can’t find a way to target my best customers in print without spending a fortune. Print done right will produce the ROI necessary to cover your costs and give you profitable results. Skeptical? Using a simple test program, we will measure the results of each campaign. We want to be held accountable because we know our program works. Plus, our direct mail solutions are very affordable.
I can’t rely on consistent quantities to be distributed throughout the year, so I can’t plan a scalable program around print. I plan a campaign and print to that quantity, then discover that half of my pieces haven’t gone out. Once we analyze your trade area and determine the best customer profile for your business, it is always available for you to use for promotions. You can count on it. WE ARE DIFFERENT.
I can’t rely on the timing of what I distribute in print. Once an in home date is selected, we know that your mail will be delivered within a two-day window. Retailers count on us for specific in home dates and we deliver. This is very beneficial when integrating print with other media channels like TV, radio and digital. The results of your campaign are amplified by each additional media channel, and the consumer receives a consistent brand message across all media. WE ARE DIFFERENT.
I don’t have a creative team to design my print ads. We have a creative department to work with you on this, and there is no additional charge for using our experts. Our team has designed and tested millions of client ads over the years, so you won’t waste time with weak creative that lead to sales.  WE ARE DIFFERENT.
I don’t have the analytics team to create the models and perform the back end analysis to track results. Our talented team of analysts has over 30 years of experience in direct to consumer marketing using direct mail, and they will work with you to optimize ROI. We hold ourselves accountable for results, so there’s no money wasted on data mining that doesn’t lead to sales.
It Has Always Been About Big Data. We understand the rural consumer and how their shopping habits differ from those in urban markets.  Predominantly located in smaller C & D counties, these consumers have significant spending power and represent 40% of all US house holds.
Combining our experience in rural America with your customer data, we will create a customized solution for you that is unmatched by other print media.
At Mspark, print is very much alive.  We are adding digital solutions to help integrate our experience in print with the ever-changing world of digital.  It’s an exciting time to watch our clients find the ROI they have been looking for in a media called print that was left for dead. Contact us to find out how we can help you drive traffic to your store, call center, website, mobile app, and more.


Darrell Edwards
Chief Marketing Officer
[email protected]