Fundraising, Food Fights and Dunk Tanks

We recently partnered with the Dear Jack Foundation (DJF) and their Raise Your Voice $100k Challenge. The challenge raises funds supporting adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. Through several opportunities to participate in the challenge including a food fight, a dunk tank and a silent auction, our employees raised $10,575 for DJF.
Our entire organization had the opportunity to vote for our food fight targets and our dunk tank participants.

Throwing Food at Your Boss

Food for the food fight was purchased by employees as part of the fundraising efforts and included plenty of messy options like whipped cream, maple syrup, ketchup, mustard, oatmeal, flour and even feathers. All of our food fight targets were great sports as they were covered in various pantry staples for a good cause. Participants included:
Steve Laney, VP, Operations
Tom Caprio, VP of Local Sales
Greg Bogich, SVP of National Accounts
Mark Targe, Director of Inside Sales

Taking the Plunge

For the dunk tank, employees were able to purchase throws to try and sink their favorite dunkee. Our dunk tank participants started out optimistic that our team wouldn’t be able to hit the target, making them fall into the cold tank, but they quickly learned we have some pretty skilled baseball and softball throwers. Participants included:
Steve Mitzel, CEO
Greg Bogich, SVP of National Sales
Tom Caprio, VP of Local Sales
Mark Targe, Director of Local Sales
Jamie Adams, CIO
Shannon Vann, Director of Marketing
Brian Blackman, Sr. Director of Creative Services
A last minute addition, Brian was not originally voted in, but Steve and Tom rallied our troops to raise an additional $250 just to get him in the tank.

“What a great day at Mspark!” said Steve Mitzel, CEO of Mspark. “I’m beaming with pride as we raised over $10k today for the Dear Jack Foundation. We are truly an amazing team!”

More About The Dear Jack Foundation

Dear Jack Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in July 2006 by musician and leukemia survivor Andrew McMahon. Supporting the most underserved group within the cancer community — adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 — the DJF provides advocacy and funding of initiatives that target their unique set of needs and works to create more positive health outcomes and improved quality of life from diagnosis through survivorship. For more information about DJF’s work in the fight against young adult cancer, including corporate sponsorship and volunteer opportunities as well as how to donate, visit