Fitness Centers: Get Back to the Grind to Win in 2021 With Direct Mail

The pandemic of 2020 disrupted all our lives. In the beginning, many were hopeful for a sprint, but it has turned out to be more of a grinding marathon. Social distancing and wearing masks have become part of the daily routine. For many businesses, the effects have been very challenging, particularly for gyms and fitness centers.

Add to the damage caused by COVID-19 shutdowns a 46% increase in fitness app downloads worldwide during the first 6 months of 2020, and brick-and-mortar fitness centers are facing challenges unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Even with the challenges, there is opportunity for fitness centers to plan now to win in 2021. We have partnered with restaurants, retailers and other businesses to overcome similar challenges throughout 2020. Read on to inform your 2021 marketing plan and check out our infographic for more details and see how another fitness center won with direct mail.

An Opportunity For Fitness Centers to Attract Members

Despite the negative impact on these businesses, forced to close their doors for weeks or months, consumers are still interested in exercise and fitness. 37% of survey participants indicated they would work out more after COVID-19, and half of those said they are motivated to do so by a renewed appreciation for their health and well-being. This presents an opportunity for gyms and fitness centers to engage consumers and get them back in the gym and “back to the grind.”

As we approach a new year, historically the busiest time for fitness centers, now is the time to plan your marketing strategy! Are you prepared draw in new members and engage members who have been inactive or lapsed during the pandemic?

Create a Winning Advertising Game Plan for 2021

As the popular adage says, “WHEN TIMES ARE GOOD YOU SHOULD ADVERTISE. WHEN TIMES ARE BAD YOU MUST ADVERTISE.” As you game plan your 2021 strategy for success, here are some important data points to keep in mind:

  • 46% of consumers are more interested in deals, coupons or promotions since before the pandemic threat happened
  • 61% of gym members responded to an ad in the mailbox in the last 12 months

In fact, a fitness center client recently saw memberships nearly double 6 weeks after completing a multi-channel campaign that included Mspark shared direct mail as a campaign tactic.

When businesses continue their advertising efforts during an economic downturn, we have seen:

  • Increased market share
  • Increased short- and long-term sales and profit
  • Stand out with less ad clutter
  • New customer connections established

Download our infographic for more insights for fitness centers. Reach out today to plan your strategy to get back to the grind in 2021!

DOWNLOAD OUR INFOGRAPHICSources: Valassis Consumer Intel Report 2020, SuperMarket News, Simmons Research-Spring 2020 NHCS Adult Study 12-month