The Making of a Mailing Profile

There are lots of things that go into a successful direct mail campaign: your offer, your design, your timing, and your targeting, just to name a few. Let’s talk about your targeting, or your mailing profile as we call it at Mspark.

Data is the Heart of Every Mspark Mailing Profile

So how do you create an effective mailing profile? Many direct mail companies simply use a radius around your business location to create a mailing list. That is one way to do it, but at Mspark, we believe that using data make your mailing profile stronger, bringing you more and better results. You’re spending your hard-earned money to attract customers and grow your business. In order to bring you a solid return on your investment, our Consumer Analytics team brings together many types of data to create a much more insightful view of your customers than a simple geography-based mailing list.

Predictive Data Forms the Base Your Mailing Profile

There are two types of data we analyze to create your mailing profile: predictive data and your customer data. Predictive data is a combination of geography, demographics, consumer expenditures, consumer behaviors, and brand preferences. In other words, we want to understand who your customer is, where they live, and what they like. We access this predictive data through various sources, and our Consumer Analytics team brings it all together to find your best customer. Mspark has over 9,700 variables available to use on behalf of our clients as we develop their best mailing profile. This is used to score the geography all the way down to the carrier route level. You may be surprised to learn that shared mail can target with the same sophistication as solo mail, but at a fraction of the cost of solo mail.

Customer Data Takes Your Profile Even Further

Customer data, the other type of data we use to build your mailing profile, allows us to create the most thorough profile by incorporating segmentation insights with our predictive data. A lot of our clients share their customer data with us to assist with the creation of their mailing profile, including many major brands and advertising agencies. This can range from simple address data, to addresses with additional fields about the customer, to transaction level data. By combining your client data with our predictive data, you will be talking to your known best customers who are already aware of and interested in your products and services, as well as potential customers in the marketplace that are “look-a-likes” to your existing customers. These “look-a-like” prospective customers are likely to be interested in your business but may not have been introduced to it yet.
Beyond the power a customer list holds, once you begin mailing with Mspark, our Consumer Analytics team can analyze your post-promotion data and deliver recommendations to help you improve your mailing profile as well as refine your message. The result is an increase on your advertising return on investment, and who doesn’t want that?

We Know the Rural Customer

Each month, Mspark partners with businesses to advertise to more than 27 million customers in rural America. We know the local, rural customer, what motivates them to buy products and services, and their spending habits. In fact, we have several team members that constantly research consumer trends, media trends and category trends to ensure we’re always up to date. This continual research ensures we are able to partner with our clients, sharing our expertise and strategizing to bring them great success. This expertise contributes to our ability to create effective mailing profiles for our clients.

Grow Your Business With Mspark

Our team of experts is here to help you create a strong profile to give your mailing the best chance possible for success. Learn about how we use data analysis to inform, report and ultimately grow your business here. If you’re Interested in learning more about how Mspark can help your business can get a better response through targeted, data-driven direct mail campaigns, fill out the form to get started today!

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