As Inflation Soars, Your Marketing Strategy Must Offer Value for Price-Conscious Consumers

Consumers, reeling from historic levels of inflation on the heels of a pandemic, are seeking value and deals more than ever before as prices continue to rise, particularly for household essentials like gasoline and groceries. Coupons are becoming harder to find for these price-conscious consumers.

Did you know?

  • Since 2015, coupon availability has decreased by 57%, down from 294 billion in 2015 to 167 billion in 2021.

The reason? Supply chain disruptions and delivery delays have made it difficult to guarantee which products will be available on shelves. Because print coupon distribution is planned months in advance, coupons have been issued less frequently.

This presents an even greater challenge for older consumers, many on fixed incomes, who rely on print coupons. With 25 percent of older adults lacking internet connectivity and 39 percent without a mobile phone, according to Pew Research, many older consumers are missing out on digital-only deals.

Fill the gap in coupon availability by placing your offer directly in the mailbox of your target audience

Anchoring your marketing mix with direct mail gives you a powerful tool to increase awareness and action among your target audience. Engagement with the mailbox is at an all-time high:

  • Consumers spend 11 Minutes sorting, opening, and reading mail daily.
  • 79% of recipients look forward to checking their mailbox each day.
  • Daily mail engagement has increased 69% since March 2020.

When consumers see a business or brand offering help amid difficult circumstances—in this case deals and coupons in response to rising prices—it builds goodwill and loyalty for the long-term.

In a multi-channel world, integrated approaches that include multiple media touchpoints to reach consumers drive response. Print alone or combined with other vehicles drives the highest purchase intent.

  • Purchase intent increases 175% increase when digital campaigns are anchored with print!
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad in offline and online settings

Research proves that to raise awareness, drive website and store visits, and deliver high ROI, a strategic marketing mix needs a print component as part of a coordinated, multi-channel strategy. Want to know more? Check out our blog post: 10 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing is a Core Component of Today’s Strategic Mix. Connect with us today to plan your strategy!

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