Increase Sales for Father’s Day with Direct Mail

Did you know Father’s Day is June 17 this year? How are you driving consumers to your business for Father’s Day?
Since 2008, consumers have steadily increased their spend each year on Father’s Day gifts. They are also eating out at restaurants or engaging in special activities more than they have in previous years. This gives businesses opportunity to drive traffic and capture consumer’s budgets through promotion in the mailbox before Father’s Day. To catch the Father’s Day crowd and their budgets, advertisers need to be in mailboxes for the May 29th in-home date (orders due by late April).
Opportunities for Businesses Advertising for Father’s Day:

  • 20% of consumers in Mspark’s footprint plan to purchase a Father’s Day gift from local businesses.
  • 8% of residents in Mspark’s geography plan to spend more than they spent the previous year.
  • $21 more will be spent on consumer electronics than any other gift for Father’s Day in Mspark’s geography.
  • $3.3B is the expected spend nationwide on special outings for Father’s Day.

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Prosper Insights & Analytics™
Monthly Consumer Survey, 2017