Home Services Marketing: 3 Ways to Engage Home Improvement Customers in 2023

As home prices have increased and mortgage rates have more than doubled in the past year, more Americans are opting to stay in their current home and repair, renovate and improve it to better fit their needs and lifestyle. Data from home services platform Thumbtack indicates 9 out of 10 homeowners are planning improvements to their property over the coming year. Another 65% plan to turn their existing house into their “dream home.”1

How can home improvement marketers best reach and engage these homeowners to acquire new customers?

1) Home Improvement Customers Respond to Print

In the past 12 months, home improvement customers have responded to ads across a variety of channels, with ads or offers in the mailbox generating the greatest response.

Source: AdMall 20232

With newspaper coverage declining across the country, print options to reach these homeowners are shrinking. Mspark’s coverage area can replace lost newspaper coverage to deliver circulars that have long been a key tool in the home improvement retailer’s advertising arsenal.

Valassis 20223

The Unique Rural Consumer Requires a Different Approach

The rural markets Mspark serves across the country require a different media mix to engage these consumers effectively. In addition to newspaper decline in these areas, 28% of households remain without broadband internet access. A digital-only marketing strategy risks missing out on valuable consumers in key markets.

Boost your digital advertising tactics with coordinated direct mail messaging to maximize campaign results.

Did you know?

  • Digital ads alone can increase purchase intent 4%; when print is paired with digital, purchase intent increases 11%4.
  • 60% of consumers have visited a brand’s website after receiving marketing mail; 39% made a purchase.5
  • Integrating Digital with Direct Mail increases program performance as much as 28% vs. direct mail alone.10

2) Turn Website Visitors Into New Customers with Convert Retargeting Powered by Direct Mail

A staggering 98% of website visitors leave without completing a transaction. Marketing technology platform Navistone’s research estimates 90% of those are potential new customers*. Reengage website visitors and convert them into customers with a website retargeting strategy that can match approximately 65% of those casual site visitors to a postal name and address (while suppressing your existing customers) and send a postcard in the mail within 24 hours of a browsing session.

Why send direct mail to consumers who are browsing online? 6

Retargeting website visitors with a direct mail postcard within 24 hours of a browsing session increases response rates as well as the likelihood of conversion.

Learn more about reengaging lost website visitors and converting them into new customers with Convert Direct Mail Retargeting.

3) Identify Your Best Target Audience and Acquire New Home Improvement Customers with Equire Acquisition Email

Consumers’ daily habits interacting with email and shared mail can help drive timely consideration for your business.

  • 98% of consumers visit their mailbox every day.8
  • 99% of consumers check their email at least 1x/day.9

Engage these consumers with Equire Acquisition Email and be confident you are reaching the most active email account for your target consumer with 100% opt-in for all users. Our email solution achieves more than 80% household penetration and pairs with shared mail with 100% household penetration. Learn more about how Equire Acquisition Email can optimize engagement and boost response.

A variety of opportunities exists to acquire new customers and expand your market share among home improvement consumers. Reach out today to plan your strategy.

*Navistone-Potential new customer percentage is based on historical data; Mailable audience percentage will vary

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