Gen Z Marketing Tips: Their Shopping Habits May Surprise You

1. In a recent survey by Wakefield Research, 90% of Gen Z is changing how they shop in response to the rising cost of living.

  • 56% look for deals and discounts and check prices more often than before.
  • Almost 50% follow a stricter budget.2

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2. The survey also found that half of Gen Z adults believe they spend more wisely when they shop in person, and 40% are more confident in purchases they make in-store.2

Tip: Raise awareness of your brick-and-mortar locations with a marketing strategy that targets Gen Z with relevant offers and keeps your business top of mind.

3. Before they visit a store, Gen Z does their homework online.

  • Nearly 75% spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days researching an item before they make a purchase.
  • 41% of Gen Z shoppers browse for inspiration online, even though most do not complete their purchase that way. 2

4. When Gen Z does make a purchase online, more than half (52%) shop with a retailer they already know and trust. 2

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5. Gen Z spends more time reading their mail than any other age group.3

6. Gen Z places a high value on direct mail, even higher than millennials.3

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#7. Gen Z is the most likely of all age groups to try a new business after receiving marketing mail, as well as the most likely age group to go online after receiving advertising mail from a brand.3

Tip: Target Gen Z consumers with an offer or deal they can claim online or in-store.

8. Consumers are likely to make a purchase after receiving both print and digital advertising from a brand, with Gen Z being the most likely.3

Likelihood of multi-channel ad exposure to influence purchases across age groups:

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