Gain Customers for Life Using Trigger Marketing with Mspark’s Quick Response Program

At Mspark, we are always looking for ways to get your product or service in front of the consumer during key decision making and spending periods. With the new Quick Response program, we can deliver a postcard to your target consumer within 2-3 days, putting you in the mailbox before competitors! This means your message and offer are seen when it matters most.

How can Mspark’s Quick Response Program help your business? Here are some key examples:

  • The Highly Valuable Mover Audience

On average, 1.75+ million people move every month. This is a huge audience with tremendous purchasing power! The average consumer will spend over $9k during the process of moving and make more than 70 brand decisions. Movers buy everything from large appliances and furniture to cleaning supplies and restaurant delivery. Reach these consumers first, during a critical, high-spend, loyalty-starting, buying phase with Mspark’s Quick Response Mover Program!

  • Newly Married Couples Combining Households

On average, 2.3 million people get married every year. These couples represent a joint income opportunity which brings with it more purchasing power! As these new couples combine households, they will often make larger purchases that include big ticket items like appliances, furniture and home décor. They will also be interested in financial services such as new checking and savings accounts. Additionally, this is a key time for marketers to strengthen existing relationships by keeping them engaged in their new life decisions. Reach this audience when they are making these important decisions with Mspark’s Quick Response Program!

  • Welcoming a New Baby

Approximately 4 million babies are born in the US every year, and new parents spend on average over $12k during the first year of their baby’s arrival. There’s no better time to connect with new parents making important purchase decisions to help accommodate their newest family member. When a baby enters the home, buying decisions change dramatically! Consumers are doing research and purchasing clothing, toys, furniture and other baby-related supplies. They are also considering additional life insurance, a new car and other ancillary products or services in the months following the baby’s arrival. Reach them throughout this critical purchasing period with Mspark’s Quick Response program!

  • Grand Opening and Re-Opening Announcements

Mspark’s Quick Response program is super flexible in helping you advertise a fluid grand opening date! With the ability to target consumers within 2-3 days, we can work with a changing opening date that gets your customers in the store when the doors open. Build Quick Response into a larger strategy to inform, excite and invite for maximum results!

  • Every Person has a Birthday

If you are not acquiring new and engaging active customers through a monthly birthday program, you are missing out! Mspark’s Quick Response program can target consumers during their birthday month with a unique offer to drive traffic and remind your target audience that you can support their needs year-round!

  • Anniversary Celebrations

Establish lasting emotional bonds with your customers by inviting them to celebrate their anniversaries with you! Strengthen loyalty with a strong offer to drive purchasing decisions.
While the above applications are great examples of ways to use the new Mspark Quick Response program, the best feature is the ability to be flexible and respond to changing market conditions and circumstances very quickly! Reach out today to learn more about all the ways we can incorporate Quick Response into your marketing strategy!