Furniture Marketing Opportunity: Consumers are Upgrading Furnishings for Holiday Celebrations

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As the holidays approach, so does the biggest furniture marketing opportunity of the year. Furniture sales are highest during October-December, as consumers get their living and dining rooms ready for holiday guests..

In the rural markets Mspark serves, 59% of consumers plan to spend the same or more on furniture over the next 90 days.

What Motivates Furniture Shoppers to Act? 

In the past 12 months, the following media types have been most influential on furniture purchases:

Source: AdMall 2023

TV is still the top media channel for furniture advertising, but there can be extensive production costs attached to TV. Social media’s influence is only at 46%.

Identify Your Highest-Value Target Audience

To realize the greatest return on your marketing investment, targeting your highest-value target audience is key. We leverage a variety of data types and sources to identify your audience, whether you’re looking to saturate an entire market around your stores or to target specific households based on demographic, economic, and other characteristics you identify.

Our data analytics capabilities can help identify your most likely furniture buyers. For example, furniture consumers in rural markets have some key characteristics:

  • 55% are homeowners
  • 51% are women
  • 72% are white, 14% Hispanic, 14% African American
  • 50% are ages 25-54
  • 44% are married
  • 42% have annual income $25K-%75K

Pinpoint targeting ensures your advertising investment reaches consumers most likely to do business with you, eliminating wasted ad spend and increasing ROI. Learn more in our targeting video.

Furniture Marketing to Movers

Each year, 36 million people move. During the year surrounding this big life event, movers make approximately 72 brand-related decisions and spend nearly $9,000 on products/services related to moving.

When moving to a new home, it’s natural to want new furniture. New movers spend considerably more money on home furnishings compared to non-movers.

  • The largest increases in home furnishing purchases happen closest to the move date, quickly returning to standard levels.
  • Movers shop for new furniture starting 10 weeks prior to their move.

Source: Speedeon

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  • We provide the most value for your advertising spend, with up to 15% more records in our data versus other data, and it is virtually 100% accurate with 18+ sources updated daily.
  • 28% of marketing mail recipients act on personalized messages. Personalize your ads or offers in meaningful ways to meet your target audience’s needs.

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