Design a Furniture Marketing Plan to Engage Motivated Shoppers Now!

Design a Furniture Marketing Plan to Engage Shoppers Now! Learn how in our blog post.

It’s a good time to be in furniture marketing. That home improvement wave brought on by the pandemic? Now those same homeowners realize their current furnishings look old and tired in their newly renovated/upgraded spaces, so this is a great opportunity to reach out to them.

How much are they shopping?

  • Furniture sales are at all time high since 2012 with 20% growth projected over the next 5 years.
  • With a booming housing market, there are more movers out there than ever, and movers spend an average of $9,700 on furniture during a move. When you consider that movers are more likely to become lifetime customers, this audience presents a huge opportunity for furniture marketers.

What are furniture shoppers looking for?

  • Price is important to nearly 60% of furniture shoppers followed by:
    • Selection (51%)
    • Quality (41%), and
    • Location (32%)

What’s the best way to target furniture shoppers to increase reach and response?

  • Ads/Coupons in the mailbox: 51%
  • Streaming TV ads: 46%
  • Emailed ad or newsletter: 46%
  • Internet banner ad: 43%
  • Newspaper (print, online, mobile, or tablet): 39%

Furniture shoppers respond to ads across a variety of channels. Engage them with strategically targeted print and amplify your message with complementary digital ads.

Website retargeting

Converting casual website browsers to customers requires an intentional, targeted strategy that minimizes waste and reduces your cost per acquisition.

Did you know?

  • Brands in the U.S. spend $200B annually on digital advertising to drive website traffic, yet 90% of that site traffic remains unknown, according to Zenith Media reports.
  • 98% of website visitors leave a site without making a purchase, filling out a form or signing up.

What if you could turn your website browsers into clients and generate 10-30x more response?

Research shows that multichannel marketing solutions are more effective in driving consumer action. By integrating digital and direct mail, companies have seen conversion rates lift as much as 28%.

  • At 5.1%, average household response rates for direct mail are much higher than digital only channels:
    • Paid search, 0.6%
    • Email, 0.6%
    • Online display ads, 0.2%
    • Social media, 0.4%
  • Brand Recall: 75% of direct mail recipients remembered the brand, compared to 44% of recipients of digital-only ads.
  • Personalized ads, those that address the consumer’s needs and interests, can reduce acquisition costs as much as 50%, while revenue increases 5-15%.

New mover marketing as part of a continuity program

Build a continuity program to target new movers to your markets year round as they look to furnish their new homes. Reach new furniture shoppers in your markets ahead of your competitors with triggered campaigns.

Not only are movers ready to spend—averaging $9,700 during a move—they are 5x more likely to become long-term customers. Reaching these movers quickly—ahead of your competitors—as they are planning their purchases is key. Reach new mover mailboxes within as little as 2-3 days with our trigger-based print program and increase reach and response with complementary digital ads. Up to 15% more mover records are available in our data than competitor data.

  • More than half of our records reach homes as much as 6 days sooner than competitors—giving you almost a full week’s head start.
  • Ensure virtually 100% accuracy with 18+ data sources and sophisticated data processing with daily updates.
  • Strategically target your best customers with complementary print and digital ads to increase store traffic and ROI. This coordinated approach enables you to promote awareness of your stores and highlight your services and products while targeting your best potential customers.

Read our furniture case studies for inspiration on redesigning your marketing strategy. Reach out today to connect with an expert to discuss your goals.

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