Four Benefits of Adding CTV to Your Marketing Mix

43% of Americans are spending more time on streaming platforms because more of their favorite content is on connected TV (commonly referred to as “CTV”).¹

The ad-supported streaming audience officially surpassed that of cable TV in 2022, according to eMarketer/Insider Intelligence. By 2027 there will be twice as many AVOD viewers as pay TV viewers (195 million versus 91 million).

Advertisers are noticing. 95% of advertisers plan to maintain or increase their share of spend on programmatic CTV in 2024, according to a recent report released by The Trade Desk Intelligence.

How does CTV appeal to advertisers?

Advertisers Identified 4 Top Benefits of CTV:

1 – Easier campaign optimization and video campaign flexibility (37%)

2 – Scalability (34%)

3 – Improved return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) (32%)

4 – The ability to control ad frequency (32%)

Streaming platforms have a huge advantage at a time when brands are looking for engaged, verified users. CTV gives advertisers the benefit of a logged-in, authenticated channel. Almost all advertisers (96%) say verified user data is somewhat or very important to their CTV strategy.

65% of respondents describe CTV as a “must buy” for their brands, surpassing all other video ad formats, including social video. The Trade Desk Report also revealed a 58% increase in advertisers that report “better pricing” as one of the main benefits of buying CTV programmatically.

  • 4 in 10 are buying CTV because more inventory is available.
  • 47% ranked CTV’s ability to reach their target audience as most important.

With CTV’s advanced measurement capabilities, advertisers can be more confident their campaigns are driving clear and specific outcomes. Nearly one-third of respondents placed measurement in the top four main benefits of programmatic CTV.

Advertisers said that CTV excels at effectiveness (44%), contribution (37%), and ROI/ROAS/ROMI (30%).

The report questions the idea that CTV is solely useful for top-of-funnel awareness goals. Nearly half (49%) of advertisers responded that they use CTV to achieve lower-funnel objectives, while 72% focus on mid-funnel and 64% on upper-funnel goals.

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Source: What Advertisers See in CTV,CTV Report 2024, The Trade Desk Intelligence