Fitness Industry Trends for 2017

Do you own a yoga, aerobic, or dance studio, a Pilates center, gym or athletics club? If so, you might be interested in Mspark’s most recent research into fitness industry trends, who is driving the change, and how you can get their attention to get them into your business.

Fitness as an Experience

It’s no secret that millennials are changing the business landscape in a big way. They crave new, fun and interesting experiences – and that applies to almost every aspect of their lifestyle, even fitness. They don’t just want to run a marathon. They want to run a marathon dressed as their favorite Disney character.
These young adults are all about having fun and enjoying every bit of the experience. The fitness industry is seeing a shift away from the ordinary. For millennials, it’s no longer enough to simply sign up for a gym membership, do 40 minutes of cardio machine workouts and go home. It should come as no surprise that millennials, even rural millennials, are flocking to fitness centers that offer a fun, unique event where they can flex their social muscles while working on their fitness. An example of this might be a young woman finding a killer deal on a Pure Barre class, a high-end ballet-style fitness program that often runs promotions and specials. Because Pure Barre classes can cost $20 per session, finding deals to share is a great way for millennials to include friends in the fun experience.
And let’s not forget about millennial men. These guys have been a driving force behind the CrossFit programs that have taken off in recent years. Competitive sports and activities that challenge them in new and offbeat ways will be a theme for both women and men moving forward.
These trends are increasing competition for health club owners, both local and national. These businesses are feeling the need to adapt – both with pricing and with their group fitness program offerings. Once they have adapted, the question for them becomes one centered around awareness. How can business owners reach the consumers most likely to be interested in their offerings?

How Direct Mail Fits

Millennials live in a very virtual world where so much of the information they consume is completely intangible. This could explain why so many millennials are likely to read a piece of mail immediately when they first see it.[i] Mail is a novelty for them! Furthermore, direct mail leads them to take action. Gym members, who are mostly millennials, are more likely to take action from a coupon or ad in their mailbox than they would from a social media ad. [ii]
This knowledge, coupled with an understanding of where the consumers are in a business’s trade area, can lead to a powerful promotional campaign. Harness the power of direct mail, and let it work for your fitness company. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about how Mspark can help you grow your business and increase ROI on your advertising spend.

[i] USPS Household Diary Study, 2015 – 38.7% of adults ages 22-24 and 38.2% of adults ages 25-34 read mail immediately
[ii] AudienceSCAN 2017 – 39.4% of gym members saw an ad/coupon in their mailbox that led them to take action, compared with 30.4% with social media ads