Plan Your Strategy to Drive Holiday Traffic

Around this time of year, we’re often asked by businesses what a good holiday mailing strategy looks like. How are people shopping? When are people shopping? Is Black Friday still a thing? Online shopping – should brick-and-mortar stores be concerned this year?
We’ve done the research and have come up with a list of some handy tips to help you fine-tune your holiday advertising.

Holiday Advertising Tip #1 – For Thanksgiving shopping, don’t assume most people are planning on shopping.

Of consumers surveyed:

  • 35% Plan to shop the weekend after Thanksgiving
  • 34% Maybe plan to shop the weekend after Thanksgiving
  • 32% Do not plan to shop at all

This means there are quite a lot of people on the fence about shopping. Retailers will need to mail them great offers to bring them in store during this weekend.

Holiday Advertising Tip #2 – Don’t let your Black Friday shoppers find a better deal online.

  • 47% of consumers surveyed plan to shop in-store first
  • 40% plan to shop online first
  • 13% are not sure where they will shop first

Because most shoppers will be shopping in-store first, the thing to be mindful of is that if they don’t feel like they are getting a good deal in your store, some will look online for the same product at a cheaper price. It’s a good idea to make sure they have coupons in hand when they arrive so that they are more inclined to purchase from you.

Holiday Advertising Tip #3 – Black Friday is still a thing – but understand it’s bigger than one weekend.

Black Friday has always been a focal point for holiday shopping in years past. While it’s still a major retail event, more and more retailers and shoppers are viewing the months of November and December as prime shopping periods. And what might be surprising is that a higher number of shoppers are planning to shop Super Saturday (December 22) than Black Friday.

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t want to downplay Black Friday because clearly if you look at Black Friday as series of late November shopping events, there is no denying its importance. What we want to emphasize, however, is that the winter holiday season should be viewed by retailers as a season of great deals, coupons, and many opportunities to drive traffic and generate sales for stores – and not just one or two great weekends of sale events.

Holiday Advertising Tip #4 – Both brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers are using direct mail and so should you.

This holiday season, 46.6% of consumers are tracking retailer’s promotions through advertising circulars – especially in their mailbox. Direct mail works, which is why brands like Wayfair, Blue Apron, Harry’s, Thirdlove, and others have embraced direct mail. Once seen as traditional media, much like newspaper advertising, direct mail in recent years has merged with powerful data analytics that enable businesses to precision target the right people for your business. This is why direct mail response rates are on the rise, according to numbers released by the DMA. And more food for thought…with online competition so high, having a mail strategy will ensure maximum exposure through a high-response medium. Since everyone has a mailbox, getting your offers in front of the right people is easier than ever and a good way to combat visibility challenges online.

Your Plan to Drive Traffic

We urge both brick-and-mortar and online retailers to look at their mix for holiday advertising and make sure direct mail is included.
The time is now to get in front of holiday shoppers. For more information on the tips we’ve mentioned above or if you’d like to discuss your holiday mailing strategy, contact us today for a consultation.

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