Labor Day Offers Businesses Opportunity to Drive Traffic

Labor Day may be the official end of summer, but it offers businesses an additional opportunity to drive traffic through promotions. Retailers need to get rid of seasonal inventory, so they can discount these items to attract customers to their stores. It also offers a great opportunity for retailers to promote fall merchandise and new arrivals. Did you know 63% of Labor Day shoppers responded to an ad/coupon in their mailbox?
Businesses may be surprised to learn that Labor Day is no longer a significant travel holiday with many customers staying home. This means the emphasis on local deals and shopping activities are in higher demand. The most attractive Labor Day promotions offered by retailers often drive customers to the brick-and-mortar store, as retailers know customers have the day off.
As you’re planning for your Labor Day promotions, it’s worth noting that direct mail is 17% more influential on retail purchases than email advertising.
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