3 Research-Backed Targeting Opportunities Pet Stores Shouldn’t Ignore

At Mspark, we are passionate pet parents. At any given time, you can hear us in offices and hallways talking about our 4-legged, or no-legged, family members. Which is why this Mspark writer always looks forward to reporting new research on pet stores and how those in the industry can appeal to people who adore their pets as much as we do.
Here are recent research numbers that jumped out at us and could help pet stores in their next campaign.

Discount Stores are Favored

We were curious where pet supplies shoppers in our coverage area were likely to purchase and discovered that, compared to shoppers densely populated regions, they favored discount stores like Walmart by 58%.

Why This Matters

For online retailers and other stores that don’t fall into the discount store category, this is an opportunity to appeal to shoppers looking for unbeatable deals and convenience. 
Imagine how delighted a shopper would be knowing they can get their favorite brand of dog food, at a great price, without having to drive 30 minutes to the nearest store, schlep a giant bag of dog food into the cart, out of the cart, into the car, out of the car, and into the house. 
They have other options – and your service could be one of them.
“Residents in our coverage area are 36% more likely to have 2-3 dogs and 43% more likely to have 2-3 cats.”

They Buy from their Vet

Pet parents in our coverage area are 33% more likely to purchase pet supplies from their veterinarian. This includes dental products, flea and tick prevention/treatment, eye, ear, and topical treatment, and even those trendy pet collars that are all the rage at the dog park.

Why This Matters

It all comes down to convenience. In our coverage area, it is not uncommon to have a vet clinic closer to home than the nearest pet store. Not to mention some of these supplies aren’t top-of-mind until the veterinarian suggests them – and adds them to the tab.
But are they a smart buy? Is the selection too limited? Are there better options elsewhere? This is an opportunity for pet suppliers to reach these consumers so they’re getting the best possible product at the best possible price. Direct mail solutions can be a powerful way to drive this awareness so that consumers are not spending more than they should.

They’re More Likely to have Multiple Dogs and Cats But…

They are 10% less likely to purchase grooming services.
That’s right – they are 36% more likely to have 2-3 dogs and 43% more likely to have 2-3 cats. That’s a lot of claws, a lot of teeth, and a lot of hair.
If they are not purchasing grooming services, are they DIYing it? The numbers indicate they are – they are 15% more likely to have purchased grooming supplies in the last 12 months.

Why This Matters

Because they are grooming their pets themselves, it’s even more important for pet stores to not only educate consumers on proper pet grooming, but also to promote grooming products that are pet parent favorites.
“58% of pet parents saw an ad or coupon in their mailbox in the last year that led them to take action.”

Direct Mail Drives Shoppers to Your Pet Store

These are all opportunities for pet stores to get in front of consumers and offer solutions to common challenges pet parents face. Driving awareness of your products and services, and helping pet owners save money will go a long way towards building loyalty. In fact, 58% of pet parents saw an ad or coupon in their mailbox in the last year that led them to take action.
We’ve helped many pet stores achieve success using direct mail campaigns.  Check out our latest success stories below for more inspiration for your next campaign. 

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