Evolve & Adapt: A Roadmap to Drive Communications Services Marketing Results


In communications services marketing, urban geographies grow increasingly saturated with providers competing against one another for slivers of market share. The race for acquisition in small, yet lucrative, non-urban markets where broadband is newly available may offer a greater opportunity for communications services marketers to increase their footprint.

A strategic marketing mix grounded by efficient targeting and regular profile optimization, along with choreographed messaging across multiple touch points, maximizes reach and response while lowering overall cost per lead and cost per call.

Keep reading to learn how service providers can drive results in key markets through an integrated, multi-channel approach. Download our marketing roadmap that highlights these proven strategies.

A multi-channel strategy to drive engagement

Today’s consumer absorbs information across a variety of channels, making it important that you drive engagement through an integrated messaging platform that reaches your target audience and maximizes your ability to influence them.

A multi-channel approach is proven to increase reach and response, leveraging complementary print and digital ads to maximize results:

  • Shelf life: 70% of consumers look at ads they receive in the mail and keep them an average of 14.5 days. A print ad has a shelf life that digital ads don’t have.
  • Online Research: 46% of consumers were encouraged to go online and seek out more information about a brand due to a mail ad, according to a 2020 study.
  • Awareness + Recall: Consumers who see an ad both in print and digital media are more likely to notice the ad (52%) and remember the message (52%), according to the same study.
  • Cost-Efficient: Drive down Cost Per Call or Cost Per Lead through strategic targeting that ensures your messages reach those most likely to do business with you when making purchasing decisions.

 A partner to reach key lucrative markets

Mspark serves as a partner to connect brands with their best target customers in the small, lucrative markets we serve across the country. Newspaper programs continue their rapid decline, limiting the advertising alternatives to reach these consumers. We work with many of the leading communications services providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Cox, and T-Mobile to connect them with the right audience and map out a marketing strategy to achieve a number of common goals, including:

  • Accelerate new customer acquisition while driving down cost per call and cost per acquisition.
  • Target eligible consumers as new subscribers down to the household level.
  • Differentiate current customers and target them with loyalty & retention strategies.
  • Integrate multicultural and bilingual strategies based on audience demographics.
  • Retarget lost website visitors to re-engage and convert them.

Read our case studies below to see how other communications service providers have benefitted from a partnership based on trust established over time. These partnerships have fostered continued growth and inspired new programs to increase the number of unique inquiries while reducing the average cost per call and improving conversion rates.

Download our Roadmap to Communications Services Marketing Success for key insights into this proven approach. Reach out today to plan a marketing strategy that will cost-effectively drive acquisition across your target markets.

Sources: Vericast (formerly Valassis) Awareness to Action Study, Vericast.com


See how our solutions have helped other communications services providers drive new business while lowering their cost per call.

Major Wireless Provider Achieves 71% Growth & $2.51 CPA with Targeted Print

Client Challenge

A major wireless provider needed a cost-effective solution to increase store and website traffic.

Customer Success Metric: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Our Approach

  • Performed lifestyle analysis utilizing client-provided customer data and segmented customers by geography to receive targeted offers
  • Identified key ZIP codes around consumer and store locations based on look-alike customers and propensity to purchase wireless services
  • Wraps and Targeted Inserts: Increased mailing frequency to 11-13x, distributing over 100 million shared mail Wraps and Targeted Inserts
  • Measured YOY customer growth

The Results


cost per acquisition


customers growth vs. 37% customer growth without direct mail

Telecom Provider Improves CPC by 25% with Personalized Print

Client Challenge

A regional telecom company was looking for an effective way to accelerate new customer acquisition while reducing cost per inquiry.

Client Success Metric: $55 Target Cost Per Call (CPC), Unique

Our Approach

  • Impact Postcard: Personalized Impact Postcard targeting households in high-value geographies
  • Variable messaging with aggressive intro offers for internet/cable/phone designed to drive engagement and acquisition

The Results


CPC vs. client target of $55


CPC improvement


incremental inquiries from Impact Postcard

National Cable Provider Improves CPC by 142% with Personalized Print

Client Challenge

After years of successful shared mail campaigns utilizing Targeted Inserts, the print agency for a large national cable provider tasked Mspark with developing new ideas to drive topline sales, upsell current customers, and acquire new.​

Client Success Metric: CPC target $150

Our Approach

  • Impact Postcard: Utilized Mspark’s premium print product
  • Segmented current customers based on services and delivered personalized upsell offers to drive response
  • Partnered with the agency to create custom targeting profiles to identify desired acquisition households in high-value markets


The Results


CPC vs. client newspaper acquisition target of $150


improvement in CPC

National Communications Provider Case Study


A major wireless provider needed a cost-effective solution that would increase store and online traffic.


  • Performed lifestyle analysis utilizing client-provided customer data, identified key ZIP codes around the consumer and store locations based on look-alike customers and propensity to purchase wireless services
  • Utilized client-provided database to segment customers by geography to receive targeted offers
  • Distribute over 100 million shared mail Wraps and Targeted Inserts

The Results


cost per acquisition


monthly frequency with appealing offers drive increased traffic & sales


customer growth by mailing 11-13x compared to 37% customer growth without utilizing direct mail

National Telecom Company Acquires New Customers at 3.5x Lower CPA


Client Challenge

A national telecom company wanted to acquire new internet services customers using an integrated marketing approach.

Client success metric: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) under $180

Our Approach

  • Targeted Inserts + Addressable Geofencing (AGF) Digital Display Ads: Utilized the client’s list of 165,000 targeted households who had recently expressed interest in services and targeted them with print & digital ads.
  • For the digital aspect of the campaign, we targeted relevant consumers who were actively in the marketplace for a new telecom provider based on their most recent, relevant keyword searches within the last 30 days.
  • Campaign results were measured by monitoring daily ads served, website traffic, and conversions.

The Results


CPA - 3.5x lower than client's goal.


Viewability rate - exceeded 60% global average



A National Telecom Company was looking for a cost-effective way to accelerate new customer acquisition by targeting consumers who were planning to move in the near future.

Our Approach

  • Utilized Mspark’s new Quick Response Boost Program to strategically target pre-movers in their serviceable area.
  • Set up a frequency campaign that would reach pre-movers within 2-3 days of being triggered.
  • Used a strong offer that addressed the customer directly and featured a no-contract option.

The Results

67% decreased cost per call

over a 5-month period

New customer acquisition

in the highly competitive new mover market