Use Direct Mail to Drive Memorial Day Traffic

Memorial Day is May 27 this year and honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. A traditional time for picnics, parties, weekend getaways and family get-togethers, rural consumers will be shopping locally for provisions: food, drinks, decorations, and more. Memorial Day is also a time for businesses to drive traffic with special offers and promotions. How will you attract these shoppers to your business?
Check out these opportunities for businesses advertising for Memorial Day:

  • 93% of consumers plan to do some in-store shopping, with 50% planning to shop only or mostly in-store.
  • $486 is the average amount 8 out of 10 U.S. adults plan to spend over the holiday weekend.
  • 17% of rural consumers surveyed said they will be very likely to take advantage of special sales and promotions over Memorial Day weekend.
  • 20-80% off discounts are what shoppers can expect on home goods and spring clothing.

When planning your strategy to drive Memorial Day traffic, keep in mind:

  • Rural consumers are on the fence| Because a higher percentage are either neutral or somewhat likely to take advantage of Memorial Day sales, it’s important for businesses to stay top-of-mind with sales and promotions to draw these customers in. Did you know 75% of rural shoppers choose a retailer based on available promotions or sales?
  • Driving foot traffic | Rural consumers prefer shopping in a physical store. For example, 28% most often shop for women’s apparel at a department store, compared to 5% who most often shop online. They are 22% less likely to buy appliances online than all adults 18+. This means that for retailers looking to drive foot traffic, targeting rural consumers for Memorial Day sales is a good strategy.
  • Rural millennial purchase plans | Rural millennials are 24.3% more likely than average to say they plan on purchasing furniture in the next 6 months and 5% more likely than average to say they plan on purchasing appliances.
  • Many will be traveling | Restaurants, auto services, and other retailers should be advertising their promotions in preparation for the spike in travel around Memorial Day. 41.5 million Americans will travel over Memorial Day weekend, which is nearly 5% more than 2017 and the most in more than a decade.

For retailers and local businesses looking to generate business from rural consumers prior to Memorial Day, direct mail is key. According to the Data and Marketing Association, direct mail has the highest response rates of any other medium. If you’re interested in advertising with us for Memorial Day with our April 30th in-home date, give us a call or fill out the form to get started today!

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