Discount Store Shopping & Spending Trends

When it comes to spending habits, urban consumers are very different from rural consumers. When asked how they feel about the spending philosophy of “live for today because tomorrow is so uncertain”, urban consumers were 13% more likely to agree, compared to rural consumers[1]. And when asked how the current state of the US economy is affecting their household spending plans, rural consumers were 11% more likely to say that they are shopping at discount stores more often[1].

Rural Consumers Shop at Discount Stores – But Have Their Preferences

In fact, they are 29% less likely to have gone to a strip mall in the last 4 weeks[2]. We see more of a propensity to shop at free-standing stores. In fact, rural consumers are 14% more likely to prefer shopping at free-standing stores more than malls and the top reason given was because “they are in more convenient locations”[2].
So, it should be no surprise that rural consumers are shopping more at free-standing stores convenient to their small towns. Stores like Stores like Family Dollar where they are 42% more likely to have shopped in the last 12 months [2]. Or Walmart where they are 32% more likely to shop compared to their urban counterparts[2].

Media Influence and the Discount Shopper

Nearly 40% of discount retailers use direct mail as part of their advertising spend[3], and discount shoppers are looking to direct mail for your discount store’s coupons.

Opportunities for Discount Stores Who Want to Appeal to Rural America

Direct mail is the only effective way to reach discount shoppers in rural America.

  • 77.8% of price-conscious shoppers indicated an ad/coupon in their mailbox led them to take action in the last 12 months
  • Discount shoppers are 29% more likely to look for advertising inserts in their mailbox than on the internet
  • Discount shoppers are 104% more likely to look for advertising inserts in their mailbox than in-store

What Does This Mean for Your Discount Store Business?

All of this means that direct mail is still a very powerful way to reach rural consumers, especially those who prefer shopping at discount stores. Everyone has a mailbox and your customers are looking in their mailbox for your offers. Are you interested in learning more about how Mspark can help you grow your discount store business and increase the return on your advertising spend? Fill out the form to get started today!

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