Boost Your Optical Advertising Campaigns with Direct Mail

Did you know optometry practices in the United States are projected to grow 2.7% over the five years to 2023? For an industry, that’s not bad news at all considering the threat internet retailers present when it comes to competition.
With an aging population in a healthy economy, there is plenty of opportunity for optometry practices to capture a piece of industry growth for themselves. But what’s the best marketing strategy to achieve this? How can practices do more to attract the right patients?

Precision Targeting is Key

Knowing which geographies to direct your marketing mail to can help you successfully gain more traffic to your practice. If an aging population is helping to boost optometry over the next five years, practices would be wise to look at targeting rural geographies. Rural geographies tend to skew older, in general. The rural optical patient is 50.4 years old compared to 48.5 for urban patients. Rural optical patients tend to be higher-income compared to the typical rural resident, with a median household income of $86,308 versus $65,748. Finding that sweet spot of age/income within rural areas that are often forgotten by marketers could be a great way to get a competitive edge and gain more patients over time.

The Right Marketing Mix for Optical

When it comes to media influence on purchases, people who are vision impaired rely most on word of mouth recommendations, followed by whatever they can find on the internet. Next is coupons. 22% of vision impaired consumers surveyed said coupons were most influential to them when it comes to making a purchase. But how would you deliver coupon to your target audience? If we go by recent DMA response rates, the answer is clear – direct mail has the highest response rates.
But we often warn about relying too heavily on one marketing medium versus using both print and digital marketing in combination to generate more traffic. Too expensive to use both? We get it. This is why we are in the “shared mail” part of the direct mail industry. Mailing individually can get expensive. Sharing postage costs with other advertisers accomplishes the same goals at a reduced cost to advertisers – and it’s our specialty. An optometry practice could use the money they save from mailing and direct it to other marketing media – like a digital campaign – to complement your mailing campaign.
When you add direct mail along with digital into your marketing mix, you could see as much as 15X return on your advertising. Here are some more stats that make the case for combining direct mail with your digital advertising efforts:

Putting it All Together

Our team of data specialists can help you identify the right people in the right geographies to target with messaging that resonates the most. Learn more about that here. If you’re curious about how your practice can make the most out of every advertising dollar, gain more patients, and more sales, call us today for a consultation. We can help you optimize your marketing strategy, so you too can capitalize on the growth happening in your industry.
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