Consumer Behavior Shifts Create Opportunity for Grocery Store Marketers

COVID-19 has created behavior shifts in just about every area of life, including grocery shopping. Consumers are now making fewer trips to the grocery store, and most of them are taking the time to comparison shop and/or create a pre-written list. It’s more important than ever to get your circular in the hands of the consumers. You now have less chances to get them in your store, but the payoff or reward is they are spending more. Read on to learn more about the marketing opportunity these consumer behavior shifts have given grocery store marketers and download our infographic to help inform your marketing strategy.

Grocery Shopper Insights

Understanding the current grocery shopping trends and perspective is critical to pivoting your marketing strategy to attract shoppers. 73% of consumers are making fewer trips to physical grocery stores since COVID-19

  • 48% of consumers are still comparison shopping and looking for deals
  • 30% of consumers are more likely than they were previously to use a pre-written grocery list
  • $184 average weekly grocery spend since COVID-19 ($25 increase)
  • 82% of shoppers will change the stores they shop at to take advantage of weekly specials.

Now more than ever, consumers are making their product and store selections before ever leaving their home. As a result, eliminating the circular is a risky bet, since it is more effective at driving traffic.

The Need for Information

The importance of having an “always on” marketing strategy is crucial, especially for ritual category purchases like grocery.
Proactive communication from retailers through advertising messages is critical for staying top-of-mind with customers and maintaining sales.

  • 60% of shoppers are fearful to shop at a Grocery Store or feel a sense of panic or anxiety while shopping
  • 60% of shoppers prefer to receive their circulars in a print format
  • 35% Believe grocery stores are not doing enough to protect customers from COVID-19
  • 84% of consumers appreciate the way some brands have changed their advertising and tone due to the pandemic.

Grocery circulars are a tested and proven method to keep the right buyers informed of inventory, promotions, and safety protocols, which is invaluable during this time.

Increase Circular Distribution to Drive Traffic and Sales

Advertising circulars are a key part of any grocer’s marketing mix to drive traffic and sales. In fact, 75% of shoppers rely on advertising circulars to compare prices, and 60% of shoppers prefer to receive their circulars in print format.
As your marketing + advertising partner, we can help you develop a game plan for success to beat competitors, drive your best consumers with targeted ads, and optimize your regular print program with shared direct mail. We offer three strategies that increase circular distribution, strategically targeting your best customers to increase store or website traffic, and increase ROI:

  • Primary distribution
  • Substitute TMC’s
  • Weak/Strong ZIP strategy

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how each of these strategies might benefit you in your grocery marketing efforts and power up your marketing mix.
Download our infographic to set your marketing program up for success and see how a grocer saw up to a 40% increase in sales through their shared mail program. Reach out today to plan your strategy to drive traffic and sales to your grocery store with direct mail.DOWNLOAD OUR INFOGRAPHICSources: Valassis Consumer Intel Report 2020, SuperMarket News, Simmons Research-Spring 2020 NHCS Adult Study 12-month