Direct Mail Drives Response: What Internet Provider Marketers Need to Know

It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused many consumer behavior shifts. As consumers are spending more time at home, many are craving ways to be more connected, even when they aren’t able to meet or gather in person. Many consumers are also paying more attention to their finances than before due to economic uncertainty. For internet providers, this offers opportunity to increase awareness, showcase your value and capture consumers. Read on to learn more about the trends and opportunities, and download our infographic with more details to help update your marketing strategy.

The switch is on: Nationwide, 12% of adults plan to switch internet providers within the next year.

  • Of potential internet provider switchers, 63% responded to a promotion or offer in the mailbox in the past 12 months.

Potential switchers are looking for value in their mailbox.

  • 59% of potential internet switchers usually read the offers they receive in the mailbox.
  • 33% of potential internet switchers rank the mailbox as the best source for promotions and offers.
  • 25% of potential internet switchers make buying decisions based on promotions or offers available to them.
  • With the economic uncertainty resulting from the global pandemic, 46% of consumers are more interested in deals and promotions now than before COVID-19.

Not only does direct mail communicate value, it reinforces your brand and blunts competitors.

  • Keep your brand top-of-mind by placing it in your customer or prospect’s mailbox and blunting competitors.
  • Whether you choose the impact postcard, wraps or a variety of insert options, we find optimal results come from replicating your online branding and design.
  • By reinforcing awareness developed online, we can help you drive the next action step of traffic to your website or call centers.

Consumers in our markets are strongly influenced by promotions and advertising inserts for purchases, more than social media, email, magazines, or newspaper.

  • In fact, 48% of our consumers look for promotions and offers IN THEIR MAILBOX, more than internet, newspaper, and magazines.

Our consumers are less likely to be influenced by online advertising than other advertising tactics:

  • 60% have not acted on a digital ad recently
  • 37% less likely to be influenced by banner ads
  • 36% less likely to be influenced by email ads
  • 21% less likely to be influenced by video ads
  • 20% less likely to be influenced by paid search
  • 6% less likely to purchase from ads on social media

Connect with consumers and drive response with direct mail.

Download our infographic to inform your strategy and see how our shared direct mail has helped businesses like yours accelerate new customer acquisition while reducing cost per inquiry.
By partnering with Mspark, you leverage direct mail experts who are familiar with your industry and needs. We offer full service: data analytics, design, print, postage, delivery, and reporting, as well as a variety of products to fit your budget and goals. We have the ability to target to the carrier-route level, allowing you to focus on consumers who are eligible for your services and most likely to do business with you. Download our infographic to keep this helpful information at your fingertips. Reach out to discuss your goals and strategy today!


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