Shared Direct Mail – The Secret Sauce for Restaurants to Cost Effectively Drive Response

We are often asked, “What is shared mail? Isn’t it just another form of direct mail?” Shared mail is direct mail, with one important distinction. Because “shared mail” is a mailed package of multiple advertisers who share in the cost, it is much less expensive and more cost effective than traditional solo direct mail, as well as many other advertising tactics, often costing just pennies per mailed household for design, production, and distribution combined.  This makes is a great fit for restaurants looking to find that “secret sauce” to attract diners and drive traffic and sales.

More Than Just Dollars and Cents

When you partner with Mspark to advertise your restaurant, we take a strategic approach to maximize the impact of your advertising dollars and achieve a strong return on investment (ROI). Strategically targeted shared direct mail offers several benefits for restaurant marketers:

  • It can be targeted to the most effective geography in the highest indexing time period, month end.
  • It can drive a significant response rate, in fact, higher than email, paid search, online display ads and social media.
  • It can deliver multiple messages and offers.
  • In many cases it is the only affordable local media option in under-penetrated markets where advertising budgets cannot support broadcast or other forms of media.

Direct Mail Drives Traffic for Restaurants

  • 66% of diners have tried a new restaurant based on an ad received in the mail.
  • 66% of frequent diners saw and ad or coupon in their mailbox that led them to take action in the last year.

Targeting Matters

Delivering inserts via a newspaper is often not optimal because it only reaches a fragment of users versus our mail package that has the ability to reach 116 million households. Newspaper coverage is also “zoned,” meaning it covers very large areas of geography that result in considerable waste while often missing or not covering other needed geography.
Shared mail offers advertisers the ability to target and buy specific geography at the zip code, sub-zip code, or carrier route level while avoiding potentially undesirable geography such as post office boxes.

Our shared mail package has 80% readership and 42% response.

Timing is Key

Coupon redemption has 50% more potential to drive sales when delivered the first week of the month. For QSR brands that utilize shared mail for coupon distribution, reaching consumers just before the first of the month payday is paramount. When you consider that consumers in our coverage area are more likely to be paid monthly, our monthly in-home delivery timing is optimal for reaching our consumers at the beginning of the month when they are making purchasing decisions.

 Products to Meet Your Objectives

Did you know? 75% of consumers rely on advertising circulars to compare prices.

Many QSR and fast casual brands utilize our insert product options as an alternative to the “oversize FSI,” a large printed flyer that maximizes the largest sheet for the lowest mailing rate. This larger format gives advertisers adequate space to highlight promotional items and craveable food images, along with a number of coupon offers. The abundance of coupon offers allows for variety and also encourages a single customer to make several visits in a month, increasing visit frequency of transactions that can be 26% higher than non-coupon transactions.

We offer a variety of products to help restaurants achieve their marketing goals.

  • The Wrap: This cost-effective saturation piece puts your business front and center in our package, offering great visibility with plenty of room for your full-color creative, offers and core brand messaging. We can design and deliver this large-format piece to your audience for pennies per household.
  • Inserts: Our most versatile product suite, 10+ targeted print and mail insert options give you the flexibility to meet any advertising need and budget. Carrier route level targeting ensures you only reach the customers most likely to do business with you.
  • Impact Postcard: A high-visibility product that mails outside the package, producing traditional direct mail results at a fraction of the cost. It can be targeted to the carrier route level and personalized at the household level.
  • Quick Response PostcardsFast, flexible product solutions that allow you to be the first to connect (in as few as 2-3 days) with consumers during major purchasing decisions. We offer multiple trigger-based programs that allow you to follow your consumers through their journey with relevant offers and messages.

If you already have a direct mail piece designed and printed, we can put your business in our shared direct mail package as well, which will save you money when compared to other direct mail options.

An Omnichannel Strategy is a Powerful Strategy
The mailbox is less cluttered with less competition for attention than other forms of media. According to the article “6 Advantages of Direct Mail,” Lorianna Sprague mentions: “While much of the marketing world’s attention has moved to online advertising, you can benefit from the relatively low clutter of your recipient’s mailboxes. The average person receives 2 pieces of physical mail per day – compared to 107 emails or 63 ads they see each day. As people get less and less physical mail, the items that they do receive stand out.”
Not only does shared mail stand out, it presents a powerful advantage in offering the recipient a physical sheet of paper that a consumer can hold on to and interact with over time versus email, digital or broadcast that is more immediate and intangible. A tactile piece can leave a lasting impression, strengthening recall and brand awareness, and driving consumers to website or stores.
In a multi-channel world, integrated approaches that include multiple media touchpoints to reach consumers drive response. Anchoring your media mix with print will provide the highest increase in purchase intent.

  • Print alone or combined with other vehicles drives the highest purchase intent.
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad in offline and online
  • 69% of purchase influence is driven by print and digital media

By partnering with Mspark, you leverage direct mail experts who are familiar with your industry and needs. We offer full service: data analytics, design, print, postage, delivery, and reporting, as well as a variety of products to fit your budget and goals. See more resources to inform your restaurant marketing strategy here.  Reach out to discuss your goals and strategy today!
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