Advertise Weekly to the Allentown and Easton, PA Communities

We are excited to announce we have increased mailing frequency in two Pennsylvania markets from once a month to weekly. The Allentown and Easton, Pennsylvania markets are now mailing weekly. This means businesses will have opportunities to reach approximately 243,000 residential households on a weekly basis in the Allentown and Easton areas.
The addition of the weekly mail dates is part of our commitment to helping clients grow their businesses. It is also a new opportunity for local retailers to develop deeper connections with their consumers by mailing more often.
Here are some interesting facts about these communities:Family with KidsHome OwnershipHispanic HouseholdsMillennial Households
“We are always looking for ways to better serve our clients,” Steve Mitzel, Chief Executive Officer of Mspark, commented. “The addition of these weekly mail dates is another example of our commitment to our customers’ demands for highly responsive media options, like shared mail. Research tells us that Americans living outside of metropolitan areas are 14% more influenced by direct mail than any kind of social media advertising.1 By incorporating this high-response medium into their marketing mix, businesses will be better positioned to connect with residential households – and our new mailing frequency options will serve to enhance campaign effectiveness.”
We are excited to be able to serve our customers with this new weekly shared mail distribution. For more information on direct mail advertising in these markets, download the PDF.
Prosper Insights & Analytics, January 2019