Dental Marketing: 3 Ways to Drive Patient Acquisition


A dental marketing strategy that leverages the most effective media to target current and prospective customers can help dental practices acquire new patients cost-effectively.

A mix across channels is key to connecting with prospective patients. Dental procedure patients have acted on advertising across a variety of channels in the past 12 months.1

  • 62% have responded to ads or offers in the mailbox
  • 56% have responded to an emailed ad or newsletter
  • 52% have responded to a streaming TV ad
  • 49% have responded to a pre-roll video ad
  • 47% have responded to an internet banner ad

Here are three tips for developing an effective patient acquisition strategy:

#1: Drive down the cost per patient by utilizing cost-effective direct-mail solutions.

Did you know?

    65% of recipients will open and read a compelling offer they receive in the mail.2

    • Reach your target consumers with pieces customized for general hygiene or for high-value procedures such as teeth whitening or cosmetic services by sending a high-visibility postcard sharing your limited-time offers and pricing.
    • Boost underperforming locations by placing aggressive offers in front of consumers to elevate awareness and increase traffic.

    #2: Be the first to reach new movers in need of a dentist.

    • 68% of new movers need a new dentist.3 Reach potential new patients first, as much as 6 days sooner than your competitors with Mspark’s Quick Connect program.
    • Get the most value for your advertising spend, with up to 15% more records in our data versus other data, and it is virtually 100% accurate with 18+ sources updated daily.
    • Personalize your messages in meaningful ways to meet prospective patients’ needs.

    Watch the video to learn more about acquiring new movers as patients.

    #3: Accelerate patient growth with our acquisition email solution.

    As a stand-alone program or in conjunction with Mspark’s print solution, Mspark’s Equire acquisition email campaigns drive new patient engagement with unmatched efficiency and ROI.

    • Use our robust, industry-leading database of verified users and list suppression capabilities to target new patients while eliminating waste and duplication.
    • Amplify customer engagement by delivering highly personalized messaging during the weeks, days and day parts that drive the best response for your practice.
    • Results are trackable, measurable, and you will receive metric dashboards to analyze your campaign’s performance after each deployment.

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    Sources: AdMall AudienceSCAN 20231; LOB State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights 20232; Speedeon Data3