CPG Marketers: Engage Shoppers With Direct Mail

How can marketers achieve top-of-mind awareness? The mailbox offers an ideal path to gain the undivided attention of valuable customers and decision makers. With print advertising influencing Mspark consumers 2x more than digital coupons, what better place to do so than the mailbox? Now more than ever, it’s important to be in the mailbox. Read on to learn more and download our infographic to keep the information ready to inform your marketing plan.

Meet Your Best Consumers at the Mailbox

Mspark has the ability to reach 116 million households each month and gain their attention as they make purchase decisions. Mspark’s exclusive core coverage area reaches 28 million households each month, engaging 71 million consumers who collectively spend $100 billion annually on CPG related purchases. The Mspark coverage area aligns with your key retail partners:

  • 1600+ Walmart locations
  • 5000+ Dollar General locations
  • 2400+ Family Dollar locations
  • 1000+ Kroger Locations

With 75% of our consumers shopping at Walmart for household essentials, 70% keeping an eye out for promotions, and 17% growth in shoppers’ response to mailbox promotions, it’s important to hit consumers during peak times when they are making purchase decisions and shopping. Let Mspark help you to do that.

As you consider adjustments to your marketing strategy related to consumer behavior shifts due to COVID, it’s important to also note our shoppers are often unreached by traditional print campaigns—less than 20% of our markets are part of national FSI programs.

Mspark allows you to engage your shoppers during those key busy times to ensure that your ads are in the right place at the right time to impact their purchase decisions. With the holidays quickly approaching, make sure that you are ready and engaging shoppers in the mailbox.

Download our infographic for more insights and actionable information on how you can drive CPG purchases through the mailbox, and read one of our own client’s direct mail success stories.

DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHICSources: Prosper Insights and Analytics™, Media Behaviors & Influence™ Study