COVID-19 Spurs Home Improvement Trends and Marketing Opportunities

Many Americans are emerging from their homes as stay-at-home orders are lifted or lessened. Spending all this time at home has given them an opportunity to really think about and assess their space, how to improve, how to update, how to make it more functional. Worth noting: With all the time at home, 25% of Mspark consumers have listed home improvement projects as leisure time activity during the pandemic.  While some have completed smaller projects themselves, many are planning for bigger home improvement projects that go beyond the DIY items they can check off their list themselves.

For marketers in the home services and home improvement industry, evaluating and updating your marketing plan to successfully engage residents given the current economic situation is key. They will be seeking a partner to complete projects, but how will you stand out? How will you reach the right audience? Keep reading and download our infographic to set your marketing strategy up for success.

  Trending Now: Renovations Are on The Rise

As consumers forgo vacations due to travel safety concerns, more disposable income is available for home improvement projects. Many Americans are taking funds set aside for travel and spending money to remodel and update their home.

Looking back at the numbers for consumers in the Mspark coverage area and renovations

  • 30% are more likely to have bought insulated windows in the last year
  • 26% are more likely to have bought new roofing in the last year

Looking forward, nearly 40% of homeowners are planning a renovation in the next two years. Budget-wise, almost half are planning to spend up to $5,000 on their projects with another 20% expected to spend $10,000 or more.

Expand Your Reach and Influence With Profitable Customers

With the increase in interest in renovations and updates, it’s important to get your message into the hands of the right consumer to engage them. 72% of consumers in Mspark’s coverage area own their own home, that is 6% higher than consumers in urban city centers. These consumers are also 15% less likely to be a renter than their urban counterparts. Also worth noting, 50% of those do not currently have a mortgage. This higher percentage of consumers in owner-occupied homes coupled with higher home ownership creates a higher demand for significant remodeling projects and services.

Direct Mail is Key to Reaching Consumers Ready For Home Projects

Stay relevant and in the hands of the right consumer with direct mail. Mspark’s targeting options allow advertisers to target homeowners using demographics such as age of home and home value to increase ROI on your advertising campaign. Mspark’s targeted mass media solutions reach more than 28 million households with the ability to reach 116 million households through our shared mail partner network.

Along with targeting the right audience, it’s also a great idea to consider offering a promotion or special offer as consumers are seeking value. 46% of consumers are more interested in deals, coupons or promotions since before the pandemic threat happened. Of these 30% are spending more time reading marketing or promotions that arrive in their home mailbox. Research also shows the power of direct mail in motivating purchase decisions when it comes to many home improvement categories. When looking at consumers who are planning various major home improvement projects, the mailbox is a major influencer on their purchase decisions:

  • 69% of customers considering gutter cleaning/protection responded to an ad/coupon in their mailbox
  • Home Repair/Service: 69%
  • Window Replacement: 66%
  • Gutter Protection: 66%
  • Roofing: 65%
  • 69% of home repair service customers acted on and responded to an ad/coupon in their mailbox

For more insight to help you create a successful marketing plan, as well as some success stories, download our infographic here. If you have ideas or want to talk more about integrating direct mail into your marketing strategy, reach out to us anytime. We’d be happy to share some of the successes clients in the home improvement industry have seen with us.

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