Consumers in Rural America: The Silent Swing State

Are you underestimating the rural consumer?  Is your competition?  This powerful group of consumers may give you the unexpected winning edge you need. 

America is commonly defined by two very different segments of the population: rural and urban.  While big business, advertisers, and even politicians may concentrate efforts in the larger populated urban areas, dismissing rural America (which accounts for 80% of all land-mass) can be a costly decision.

Many distinctive characteristics collectively define the rural consumer.  Notably, they receive far less media exposure than their urban counterparts, yet they are more responsive.  Thus, reaching this segment of the population by using the right method at the right time could be a game changer due to their collective influence and power. 

Now more than ever, data matters.  Using data – accurate data – is critical to getting your message seen and heard by the consumers that can have a large impact on the current and future success of your business.  Do not let bad data be the cause of a devastating loss.