Breaking Hair Salon Sales Records With Direct Mail

With more and more Americans finding themselves with higher levels of discretionary income[1], it’s no surprise we’re seeing more customers heading into hair salons. The combination of women with more money to spend, endless hairstyle ideas on social network sites like Instagram, and the age-old battle with Father Time is a recipe for increased business in the salon industry. Advances in hair product technology, like Olaplex, and advances in color/highlighting techniques are creating quite a bit of buzz online… and women in rural America are taking notice.

What Rural Women are Looking For

Women who live in rural communities are in touch with the latest hair trends and techniques. One of the main vehicles for sharing and procuring these trends is Pinterest, a site that rural women are familiar with. In fact, women 18-34 in rural areas are 190% more likely than U.S. adults 18+* to have been on Pinterest in the last 7 days… and even women 55-64 are 42%[2] more likely to be on the site. This means they are probably tuned into a stream of constant visual inspiration for haircuts, color, and styles.
Advanced highlighting techniques, like balayage, enable women to go longer between touch-ups and will be a continuing trend. Stylists like these techniques because a client who has a lower-maintenance highlight like balayage is a client who might commit to their color/highlight services for a longer period of time, versus attempting to color at home or forgoing treatment altogether. Because these techniques are a “win-win” for clients and stylists, salons like Regis and others are going to educate clients about them to promote the services in their salons.
Beyond the trends rural women notice online, the specific types of things they will be tuned into will often depend on their age and events happening in their life. Wedding season is a busy time of year for salons and rural women 18-34 are 79% more likely to be engaged than all other adults. Women 35-44 are 35% more likely to be engaged than their urban counterparts[3]. These ladies are going to be looking through bridal magazines and “pinning” hairstyles in preparation for their big day. Meanwhile, other women in rural areas are going to be covering gray with color and highlights… or finding that perfect haircut that complements gray hair.

Effective Advertising for Hair Salons

In addition to keeping up with the changing industry trends, salon owners also have to compete to get clients into their salons. In rural America the best approach remains the most direct approach.
For hair coloring/perm clients, 40.8% of the audience indicated ads and coupons in their mailbox led them to take action in the last 30 days. In fact, it’s the highest response rate of all measured media by far. For these salon clients, direct mail influence beat email by 19% and newspaper by 14%. Direct mail provides salons the ability to reach specific audiences with specific messages.
Mspark has been helping hair salons in rural America grow their clientele for almost 30 years. Recently, one salon client said “We broke a store record with this event thanks to Mspark!” after advertising the opening of a second location. For every $1 spent, the client received at least $3.65 back in revenue.
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*All “more likely” stats mean “more likely” than U.S. adults 18+, unless otherwise noted