Attract Shoppers for Labor Day Promotions with Direct Mail

Labor Day is one of those holidays that falls on a Monday, giving many of us a 3-day weekend to enjoy the last remaining days of summer. It’s also a great holiday weekend for last-minute back to school shopping. Last year (2018), 71% of rural back to school shoppers still needed to purchase school supplies such as notebooks, folders, backpacks, and lunchboxes as of August. And 69% still needed to purchase clothing and accessories, 53% still needed shoes, and 20% still needed electronics such as computers, laptops, or calculators.While we anticipate quite a bit of back to school scrambling in August, we believe Labor Day weekend will still bring in more than a few shoppers looking for great deals on school-related merchandise. And did you know that 36% of back to school shoppers saw an ad or coupon in their mailbox that led them to take action?
We’re sometimes asked if our research points to any travel activity around Labor Day Week. And while there’s little doubt some workers will be traveling, it’s still not considered a major travel holiday. For this reason, the emphasis for Labor Day promotions should be on local deals and shopping activities for those planning to stay closer to home. This gives retailers opportunity to drive traffic with deep discounts on seasonal products, thereby clearing out their older inventory, as well as previewing fall and winter items.Also, as you plan your holiday weekend promotions, keep in mind that a good marketing mix includes both print and digital media. In recent studies, direct mail was 17% more influential on retail purchases than email advertising. And coupons were 67% more influential. This doesn’t mean email is not effective, only that you’re likely to maximize the impact of your promotions if you have a solid marketing strategy that incorporates both.If you’re ready to attract Labor Day shoppers, make sure your promotions are in the mailbox for our August 27th in-home date, the week before Labor Day. To mail with us, simply have your orders in by late July. Give us a call or fill out the form to get started today!GET STARTED TODAY!
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