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Whether you are a media buyer for a national brand or a small business, Mspark has you covered.

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Shared direct mail paired with digital advertising is a powerful tool for your marketing mix. Print drives 11% purchase intent compared to only 4% with digital alone – that’s a 175% increase in purchase intent when anchoring your digital campaign with print!

An integrated campaign utilizing any of our shared or direct mail products and our Boost Solution delivers a digital ad to your target households, setting the stage for the arrival of the printed marketing piece in their mailbox. This multi-channel approach increases frequency, measures foot traffic, and amplifies your message, resulting in increased response.

Source: Millward Brown Print Campaign Analysis

Drive Better ROI With Multichannel Campaigns

Over 3,000 smart business owners have partnered with Mspark to deliver targeted direct mail to their customers. They know that our products have a low cost and a high ROI.

Mspark offers a variety of integrated advertising and marketing solutions to help marketers achieve their goals. Our cost-effective solutions are custom-built to create a powerful marketing mix for our clients to increase response and ROI. Our solutions include shared mail products, direct mail products, trigger-based marketing programs, and digital advertising solutions—all supported by data analysis and targeting along with award-winning graphic design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mspark print and/or provide design services?

Absolutely. Our all-inclusive pricing rates include design, printing, postage, and shipping so there are no hidden fees in our process. In fact, we have an award-winning design department who just received another round of awards from a national design competition.

Do you already have a direct mail piece designed and printed? We can put your business in our shared direct mail package as well, which will save you money when compared to solo direct mail options.

What targeting capabilities do you have?

Our Strategic Analytics team brings together many types of data to create a much more insightful view of your customers than a geography-based mailing list. They create a mailing profile that tells you who your best customers are, where they live, what they like, and where you can find prospects that most resemble your customers. In other words, we have the ability to target your current and potential customers all the way down to the household level. For even more detailed information about our targeting capabilities, please visit our data analysis page.

How does an integrated campaign with Boost work?

Boost leverages the same address files as the direct mail and targets digital ads, via addressable geofencing, to devices identified within each household including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Increase Response Rates and ROI with Targeting Down to the Household Level with the Impact Postcard Boost Solution

The high-visibility Impact Postcard Boost Solution mails outside of our shared mail package and produces solo mail results at a fraction of the cost with targeting available down to the household level. This shared mail solution with integrated digital ads ensures your message will reach your target audience in print and digital formats in a professional and personalized manner.

Cost-effectively Promote Your Business to an Entire Market with Our Wrap Boost Solution

The Wrap Boost Solution is a high-visibility saturation product that allows you to cost-effectively promote your business to an entire market. The Wrap contains all of the other inserts we send (except the Impact Postcard), so it’s the first part of our direct mail package that a person sees in their mailbox. This places your business front and center and showcases your products and services. The reach and frequency of your campaign increase even more with the addition of complementary digital ads targeted to the same audience to set the stage for the arrival of your printed piece.

Keep Campaign Costs Low with the Targeted Insert Boost Solution

Targeted Inserts with Boost give you the flexibility to meet your business needs and budget requirements while targeting the customers most likely to do business with you with print and digital ads. These two-sided, full color pieces are available in 9 different sizes, allowing you flexibility to showcase as many (or few) products or services as you need in a single mailing while targeting the same audience with Boost to increase reach and response.

See How Our Integrated Marketing Solutions Have Helped Businesses Like Yours Drive Traffic & Increase ROI

Casual Dining Restaurant Chain


A casual dining restaurant chain was seeking to increase traffic and ROI at restaurant locations.

Our Approach

  • Targeted ZIP codes based on propensity to dine out
  • Mailed a Targeted Insert to 16,685 households surrounding the location
  • Maintained consistent monthly frequency with appealing offers

The Results


coupons redeemed after one mailing


in sales for every $1 spent on advertising


ROI leading the client to recommend our solutions to their corporate office

Furniture Retailer


After a recent relocation, this furniture retailer needed to increase awareness of the new location while also promoting their annual Customer Appreciation Event to new and existing customers.

Our Approach

  • Perform lifestyle analysis utilizing client provided customer data
  • Identify key geography around the new location based on lookalike customers and propensity to purchase furniture
  • Segment customers by geography to receive varied, targeted offers

The Results

60% increase

in sales YOY

$86,000 in sales

directly attributed to mail campaign

National Window Replacement Company


A national window replacement company wanted to increase sales, deliver unique messages to each household in the marketplace, and ultimately convert leads into customers.

Our Approach

  • Analyzed surrounding ZIP codes to determine households with propensity to replace windows and patio doors
  • Targeted the best 64,000 households surrounding the store
  • Utilized the Impact Image Postcard to increase response rates and deliver relevant messages to each household
  • Versioned postcards based on relevant lifestyle demographics to increase personalization

The Results


total revenue generated in sales


return on investment


in sales for every $1 spent on shared mail

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