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National Telecom Company


A national telecom company wanted to sign up new customers at a target cost per acquisition (CPA) under $180 and have a high visibility rate. Desired acquisition was defined as a customer purchasing an internet package.

Our Approach

  • Utilized the client’s 165,000 list of targeted households who had recently expressed interest in services and targeted them with Targeted Inserts + Addressable Geofencing (AGF) Digital Display Ads.
  • For the digital aspect of the campaign, we targeted relevant consumers who were actively in the marketplace for a new telecom provider based on their most recent, relevant keyword searches within the last 30 days.
  • Campaign results were measured by monitoring daily ads served, website traffic, and conversions.

The Results


CPA - 3.5x lower than client's goal.


Viewability rate - exceeded 60% global average

Regional Telecom Provider


A regional telecom company was looking for an effective way to accelerate new customer acquisition while reducing cost per inquiry.

Our Approach

  • Utilized Impact Postcard with variable messaging with aggressive intro offers for internet/cable/phone
  • Targeted desired households in high-value geographies

The Results


incremental inquiries from the Impact Postcard


cost per unique call - significantly lower than the client's target of $55


decrease in average cost per unique call

National Cable Provider


After years of successful shared mail campaigns utilizing Targeted Inserts, the print agency for a large national cable provider tasked Mspark with developing new ideas to drive topline sales, upsell current customers, and acquire new.​

Our Approach

  • Utilized Mspark’s premium product, the Impact Postcard
  • Segmented postcard by current customers based on their services
  • Personalized the postcard with upsell offers to drive response
  • Partnered with the agency to create custom targeting profiles to identify desired acquisition households in high-value markets based on specified campaign parameters

The Results


cost per call - significantly lower than the client's newspaper acquisition target or $150


decrease in cost per call

Major Wireless Provider


A major wireless provider needed a cost-effective solution to increase store and website traffic.

Our Approach

  • Performed lifestyle analysis utilizing client-provided customer data
  • Identified key ZIP codes around consumer and store locations based on look-alike customers and propensity to purchase wireless services
  • Measured YOY customer growth
  • Utilized client provided database to segment customers by geography to receive targeted offers
  • Distributed over 100 million shared mail Wraps and Targeted Inserts

The Results


cost per acquisition


growth by mailing 11-13x vs. 37% customer growth without utilizing direct mail

Hear from Satisfied Communications Clients

“Finally, we can test variable imaging and messaging at an affordable price.”

CEO of Major Ad Agency for Multiple Telecom Clients

“Our results with the Impact Postcard with variable imaging are going very, very well and we will continue to use the postcards.”

National Telecom Company

“We are very pleased with the response rate and $45-$46 cost per call. These are well within our range.”

Telecom Agency

“The Impact Postcard with variable messaging delivered 12x the response of our standard insert programs.”

Top Telecom Partner

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Did you know?  Wireless, Internet & Cable customers respond to ads in the mailbox.

  • 66% of potential mobile or wireless network switchers responded to an ad or coupon in the mailbox in the last 12 months
  • 65% of potential internet provider switchers responded to an ad or coupon in their mailbox in the last 12 months

Our integrated Boost solutions work synergistically to lift response rates by up to 118% and conversion rates by up to 28%.  Learn more about the latest telecom marketing trends and advertising opportunities on our communications page.

Sources: 2020 AudienceSCAN®, Millward Brown Print Campaign Analysis, Simplifi

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